Last winter I tried a few Calvados. My fav was the Domfrontais Lermonton, which I understand also has pears in it. Over all it seemed an uneven field so I wouldn’t mind some recs before the season starts. I do like them fiery, but some seem harsh as well. Also I want a drink that is truly aromatic.
I’m particularly keen on hearing about the Germain-Robbin versions. Their brandies are quite nice for the money and I didn’t manage to get hold of the apple brandy last year for anything like a reasonable price. I guess my concern is that their brandies sometimes veer towards to sweet end of the spectrum and that’s not what I’m looking for.

Lemorton is the producer, Domfrontais is the region. Calvados from that region will have a certain proportion of pears as well as apples (I’d have to wait to get home to check my references for details). I also prefer Calvados from Domfrontais, Lemorton is the only one I commonly see here in the US.

Jay, Thanks. I’ll happily buy that one again.

We regularly drink Busnel Calvados.

Dick, the VSOP?

Yes, that’s what we get.

Dick, I’ll definitely try it. It’s similar in price to the Lermonton.

I’ll start this season with a version from Clear Creek Distillery that I just picked up without knowing anything about it other than K&L recommending it. This is the one aged 8 years fwiw.

I’d love to hear more recommendations, as my daughter is in Brittany for a year (Quimper) and I need to study up a little before visiting. Currently I’m trying a Berneroy VSOP which is not bad, but not to die for.

Agree on busnel vsop. Good for under $40, imo.

The Clear Creek is worth a try, esp as one can get it in 375ml. But it is not of the same quality level as the Lermonton, despite being in the same price range. I have to wonder if this is partly because they seem to use Golden Delicious apples.