CALVADOS: What Are You Drinking?


The only Calvados thread I see on the board dates all the way back to 2009. We need more discussion on this amazing spirit.

I started out on Calvados as a lark, curious as to what it would taste like compared to my beloved Cognac. Now it may be replacing Cognac as my favorite spirit. As a spirit I find that it’s full of flavor, a touch sweet and has excellent acidity and heat and spice and vanilla flavors from wood aging. It’s far more affordable than Cognac and you can get a longer aged Calvados for an equivalent price.

I started off with the Chateau de Breuil 15 Ans and the Roger Groult 15 Ans. I am finding that 15 years is a sweet spot for Calvados in terms of age. My next pickups this weekend at the SAQ in Montreal are the Christian Drouin 15 Ans and the Lecompte 12 Ans. While the latter is a mere 12 years old, what separates it from other Calvados is that it is aged in Port wood barrels.

Oddly enough, the LCBO which usually has great taste in spirit buying has absolute shite when it comes to Calvados which is very surprising. As a result, I have never bought a bottle of Calvados from them. Too bad for them, the SAQ gets my business.

So… what Calvados are you all drinking out there?

Clear Creek Eau de Vie Pomme 8-year-old Apple Brandy. For the price you will find nothing from Calvados that holds a candle to it.

I’m a big fan of Adrien Camut. I’ve been drinking the 6 and 12 year; both excellent, though I actually find I prefer the 6 year because of its stronger fruit flavors.

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Love Camut…

We did have an earlier discussion that I’m glad I went back to:

1978 Lemorton. Was going through open bottles and decided to take a sip. Damned if it isn’t still delicious. Clean apple aromas and flavors. Racy with a touch of smoke on the finish. May not have the volume or power from before, but I will be pouring another glass instead of down the drain :sweat_smile:

I recently sourced a couple bottles of Camut Rarete, just amazing.

Boulard and Toutain

Sadly no more Lemorton. I recently finished a Groult 25 which was squeaky clean - not my preferred style of Calvados but very pleasant if it is.

I’ve also got a couple of Huard (Charles Neal) and a 20 year old Somerset cider brandy open.