Calluna Vineyards - sampler packs (only 24 available!)

Calluna Vineyards

Save 25% on the last 24 remaining 2009 vintage sampler packs Included in each 4-bottle sampler pack is 1 bottle of each wine produced by winemaker and founder David Jeffrey from Calluna’s estate vineyards in Chalk Hill AVA of Sonoma County. After getting some rave reviews from fellow Berserkers Alan Rath and Jim Cowan among others, we’ve reserved the last 24 bottles of our 2009 Merlot “Aux Raynauds” exclusively for our 2009 vintage sampler packs. We’re offering a 1-day special price of $137.25. That’s a 25% savings off the list price of $183. Reduced price ground shipping available: $15 in CA; $25 to the other lower 47 states.

Price will be adjusted to reflect the 25% savings on the order form, for today only

Looking forward to seeing what these are all about.

I’ve written three posts about Calluna and winemaker David Jeffrey, including a review of one of his wines. I have also tasted them twice with him. I highly recommend them. Cheers!

Oh yeah, and I totally went for this deal, even with the $25 shipping to me in Virginia. :wink:

Thanks for making me feel better about paying the same!

You need to visit David Jeffrey’s property/vineyards sometime (by appointment, not open to the public) and taste with him. Absolutely stunning.

Been a couple of hours since I placed an order.
Looking forward to these. Thanks for participating. [cheers.gif]

I am a newbie, and not yet a donor, so I’d been waiting on this all day!

In, and want to visit one day.

Oh yes, you must. I got to ride around the vineyards in the ATV and have lunch with David, his wife, and his dog. The first 18 pics of this set below are from Calluna:

Should be a public link.

Looking forward to trying these! [cheers.gif]

Thanks for the good words! David and I are thrilled by the support.

Anyone who wants to come visit Calluna on their next trip to Sonoma county, just get in touch! We love to host thirsty visitors. [cheers.gif]

Happy Berserker Day to all!

You don’t have to ask me twice. I will definitely be back to visit and taste again. Thank you and David for the Berserker Day offer.

First BDiv purchase, first ever post!. Looking forward to trying and paying a visit next time I’m in CA.

The CVC was nice but not particularly noteworthy yet. I suspect it may take some time for the 2009 to truly come around, however, the 09 Merlot “Aux Raynauds” is already excellent and ready to go with 2-3 hours in a decanter. Classy and a bit feminine in style with lovely unobtrusive tannins and I wish I had more.

Wow - I was just looking at the stats of usage just posted on another thread by Todd and realized we are just 6 months from the next BerserkerDay! I’m going to have to get real creative this year. Looking at my inventory, there is not a natural follow-on to the last 2 offers I did. Hmmm. Going to have to pair some vintages or something - the last 2 years I have offered 2 of a single vintage for one price for 3 hours. Got to get thinking on that.