Calistoga Overniter Advice, please

Would very much appreciate any recommendations for my wife and I for dining / tasting in Calistoga (or close by) for a mid-week one-niter. Would prefer something more than casual, if possible.

Thanks my WB brothers and sisters -


We enjoyed a terrific brunch at Solbar in Calistoga on a recent trip - and on the basis of that experience, would eagerly return for dinner.

I bit more casual - All Seasons Bistro

Schramsberg would be a good choice for a bubbles tasting and tour.

The best dining options in town are JoLe and SolBar. JoLe is on the main drag, Lincoln Ave, and is a small plates/farm-to-table concept. They have a fabulous wine list with everything available by glass/pichet/bottle as well as a full bar. The food is fantastic.

SolBar is just outside of town proper on the Silverado Trail. The food is excellent, as well, and there are some locals favorites such as the Lucky Pig. The wine list is huge but runs $$$. They also have a full bar.


Thanks all for the advice.

Cheers -


Follow-up -

JoLe killed it. Did the Course pairings and really had an amazing experience.

Dropped by the wine shop Enoteca - really chill guy working there with good advice.

All in all - a wonderful time.

Thanks much


Glad it worked out for you. JoLe is amazing, no? Enoteca is a great little shop, too.