California Wine Transport!! "Resolution" in post 62

Just had the UPS truck pull up and drop off THREE cases of wine. WHAT THE Fu(K!!! [swearing.gif]
Our friends at California Wine Transport in San Jose CA shipped my wine in this heat. The boxes were hot, the bottles were HOTTER and the wine temperature was a pleasent 92.5 degrees according to the thermometer I placed in one of the HOT bottles I opened to see how HOT the frigin’ wine was today.
So if they were delivered on MONDAY, they sat in the UPS warehouse ALL weekend where they were allowed to cook in the pleasent heat wave. Even the UPS guy was amazed there was wine on board.
I took some pictures of the thermometer and the temperature reading of the bottle so I could share the info with California Wine Transport tomorrow.
I will keep you posted on what they say during our discussion tomorrow. hitsfan
There are some others that will be in the same boat as this was a Berserker offer from one of our friends on the board. They did not have control of the wine, so I do not believe this is known to them yet.

Last month when we had that 110+º heat spike saw a pick-up truck driving down US 101 with a pallet of wine in the bed. Stupidity knows no bounds.

YIKES ! Sorry to hear Mike. Delivery companies don’t have any concept of right and wrong when it comes to delivering in this weather and it happens too often. I’m sure whomever you bought it from has no idea.

Still at jacuzzi temperature. Will check it tomorrow and hope for the best.
Not in the mood to get even more pissed off. deadhorse

What??? Can you possibly be serious? The name of the company is California WINE Transport. This is their business. To deliver WINE. How can you excuse a mistake like this from a WINE transport company?? If you’re going to be in the the WINE transport business, wouldn’t it make sense to understand the ONE, SINGLE product listed in your name?

And, to top it off, it’s not like they are in a wine unfamiliar state. Yeah, that’s also in their name.


What did you pay for the shipping? [berserker.gif]

Whose wine got delivered?

Exactly my thoughts. To make it even better, they shipped to arrive on Friday in Sylmar, where it was 109* over the weekend. The wine never even had a chance to make it to my house before the weekend. Unpacked the wine to put it in my cabinet to stop any further damage and found 4 bottles with wine pushed past the cork, staining the labels and the shipping container.
Might as well have a pepsi

Wow!!! That’s probably one of the craziest things I’ve heard so far . . . especially being that their business is “transporting” fermented grape juice. This is ultimate FAIL. Downtown LA registered a whopping 113 degrees. I got in my car at 7pm in Norwalk and the outside temperature was still 97 degrees. I know you’re pissed the F off Mike, but you mind telling us what wines were delivered? Hopefully, nothing rare and old.

Damn, and right now as I’m typing, Irvine is registering 90 degrees . . . at 9pm.

I didn’t say I excused them. They are a delivery company, possibly a bunch of idiots making minimum wage. Just because they have WINE in their name doesn’t mean they are smart and have the IQ to think “duh, don’t deliver wine it’s too hot” . IMO it should not have been shipped to start with and sit in a warehouse over the weekend .
I agree that if they are in the wine transport biz they SHOULD know better, that doesn’t necessarily mean they do.

If I am not mistaken, they are a wine storage and delivery facility that acts on orders from their clients. In other words, they would have to have received an order to ship from the winery or business that warehouses the goods there. How would they know to ship goods anywhere unless they had an order to ship? Something does not seem right, here.


So sorry to read this! Did you have a chance to refuse the shipment?

I don’t know the details yet, but the winery was not involved. Regardless, who thinks that shipping in 100*+ temperatures are right, no matter what the deal was. Then to ship on Thursday so the wine arrives in LA to spend a weekend in a warehouse before it can be delivered is a move that shows how little they care about their customers. The rule should be that NO wine sits in a non-temperature controlled warehouse for a weekend. Or shipped in 100*+ temperatures. Customer service must be a low priority for this group.

yeah, sorry Carrie, but at some level they need to know their shit. The deliver guy and the guy who loads the trucks can be ignorant, but there’s zero excuse for the management to not have this down and it’s their responsiblity to train their staff.

Merrill - Can a wine delivery place refuse to ship even if they receive an order from the winery? I don’t mean could they, really, but does this happen?

Correct but it doesn’t mean they pay attention to what’s right and wrong, granted they should being in the wine delivery biz, NO question about it

As Merrill said if they received the order to deliver that’s what they do. I never said I agree wih it.

Hence my question - can a wine delivery business refuse to make deliveries in conditions that will obviously leave the goods damaged? My suspicion is no, but if I were the delivery business and I was financially on the hook for damaged wines I’d sure have a provision for refusing to knowingly ship wine in conditions like that.

I guess I just get tired of hearing this year in and year out - it’s not precisely rocket science to check the weather these days and, while I’m sure people will always get caught out by weird heat waves here and there, there’s really no excuse for that wine having shipped. If a winery or shop did, in fact, tell people to ship their name should be posted - we need to know who doesn’t care about their product.

I don’t know how they run their business or if they have the ability to refuse to ship in this heat, they may be contracted to ship when told regardless. I know what I do, I ship for a few wineries as well as our customers and I wouldn’t even ship next day air this week even packing with ice and all the precautions I take.
That’s all I know.

Last month when we had that 110+º heat spike saw a pick-up truck driving down US 101 with a pallet of wine in the bed. Stupidity knows no bounds.

This makes perfect sense. See, you don’t want the wine to be inside a truck where it may get hot. Also, if you have rain, that will help to keep the wine from overheating.

Of course, in NYC they can’t use pickup trucks to make deliveries because people will steal the packages from the back at red lights and such. So our wine is always delivered in closed trucks. Sometimes, if the deliveryman is tired, he just keeps it on the truck overnight. This additional rest, I believe, helps acclimate the wine to the local environment.

I did ask a guy once why he was delivering wine in 90 degrees. He helpfully suggested that I put it in the fridge before serving. Now I make sure to specify not to deliver until November or until I can pick it up if it’s local.

Let me restate my earlier question.

From which winery did the wine come? Whose name is on the bottle, that probably released the wine for shipment?

We only know the name of the transporter, not the wine!

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