California Syrah just got better

Fresh off the bottling line, two new sites for Mike Smith. Can’t wait to try them.

Nice x2

Sometimes you piss me off.

A minute ago, I was happy.

Now have a case of the severe “wants.”


Brian, my experience is that Myriad releases Syrahs to mail list member in the winter. Do you know if that will be the case with these?

The Syrah release is in late January around the same time as Berserker Day. Not sure if they will split the release seeing there are now 6 Syrahs. That’s a question for Leah.

I need to ask my family to give me money for Christmas so I can afford them!!!

Yes…no…may be so

I am happy as I love their syrah (and cab). I am upset because now it is more money to spend. I will persevere.

Can’t wait to try them! Thanks for the heads-up!

What is “Syah”?

It’s like Syrah but better. Especially in California. [berserker.gif]

Is the Petaluma Gap Syrah from Lakeville Vineyard? I don’t think there is any Syrah planed at Roberts Road.


Well, that sounds great!

peppery pinot