California Chardonnay recommendations needed

Hi guys,

I’d like to pick up a couple bottles of nicer chardonnay for the holiday weekend, something better than we normally keep on hand but that won’t break the bank. My budget is, say, $50 a bottle. Looking for something rich and flavorful without being a fruit bomb/cougar juice (e.g., Rombauer). As a point of reference, we like the entry level Newton chardonnay that sells for about $25. MacCrostie is another one we’ve enjoyed.

What’s out there that’s good for the money?



Ramey Sonoma Coast

Any thing from Ramey

It’ll be right up against your price limit, but I’ve really enjoyed the Liquid Farm Golden Slope. Have not tried Newton so can’t compare, but the Golden Slope is rich and forward (honey, almond paste, pineapple) with enough acidity and restraint to stop it from being too much for me.

Dehlinger, many Oregon options.


I second the Ramey, Arcadian, and Forman recs.

I’ll add Stony Hill to the mix.

Ramey is a great choice, given what you describe wanting and that it’s widely available. The RRV chardonnay is something like low $30s and very good quality.

Peay Sonoma Coast
Liquid Farm

Enfield Haynes Vineyard Chardonnay

Ramey has already been mentioned; would add Far Niente, Chateau Montelena, Newton Unfiltered, Stags Leap Wine Cellars and Shafer. I would go with Far Niente if you can find it for under $50.

Evening Land, Ramey, Stonestreet, Hartford (multiple offerings), Berlinger Private Reserve, Shafer, Stags Leap Wine Cellars

Try Kesner Gate or Auteur. Agree with Peay.

Where are you geographically? What’s the nearest big town [or small city]?

I second Ramey RRV or Beringer P-R.

Lioco, Sonoma County - $20 - drinks like Chablis.
Best, Jim

Domaine Eden

Unique expression, and a very enjoyable one well under $50 too.

rivers marie
La Follette