Cajun Frozen Turducken

I’m beginning Thanksgiving plans. I’ve always wanted to serve Turducken, not as the main dish but in addition to a turkey. This one was highlighted on Food Network. Anyone tried it?

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Which one?

I’ve only seen one turducken up close and personal. It came from Cajun Specialty Meats,,52.html

Robert, I think that’s the one. They say the pork rice stuffing version is most popular which may not work for my group.

What did you think of the one you saw?

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I am seriously thinking of making my own for Thanksgiving, which attempt will probably raise cooking insanity to new heights, or new lows. I have filleted a whole chicken and a whole turkey using the Julia Childs method, but never a duck. I was actually considering adding a goose to the mix and making a TurGooDucken, but that’s probably too dense to cook. Has anyone actually made their own?

As Cajun Specialty Meats says on its website: “… the Turducken isn’t a meal - it’s an experience.”

It wasn’t a bad experience, at all. We ate it, all of it, with some gusto. But it wasn’t the kind of special experience that made me long for an encore.

FWIW, it’s likely the Cajun Grocer turducken you saw featured on the Food Network:

I must rise on a point of order: Turducken is a creation of Cajun cuisine, not Creole. Yes, Virginia, there is a difference.

Cajun: Cajun cuisine - Wikipedia

Creole: Creole cuisine - Wikipedia

From a Costco email this week

I have also been thinking of making this.

Understood and corrected by post three. But, either way, it sounds like many are interested, and one who had it wouldn’t run back for more.

So for Thanksgiving, I was thinking a traditional Turkey, and a Turducken rather than a Ham.
My alternative, which I think is easier, is to serve Turkey, possibly a Ham, and BBQ some duck breasts.

What would you do? Expecting between 25-30 ppl.

Can’t help you there.
In my world, BBQ is not a verb.
It’s a noun, specific to pork.

If you want something different, how about roasting a goose, and smoking the turkey?

Marinate in orange juice, garlic and ginger. Then glaze with an orange reduction and put on grill.

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When we lived in SoCal, we had Turducken for three or four years at Thanksgiving.

+1 on Robert’s comments. In all honesty, a turducken simply isn’t worth the price or effort. It sounds better than it actually is. I’ve eaten turducken and many variations of stuffed chickens (dirty rice, jambalaya, cornbread dressing, broccoli dressing, crawfish etouffee) and there isn’t enough of the wow factor to justify the price of a turducken over a stuffed chicken. I’d buy several stuffed chickens over one turducken any day.

Hard to eat any food that starts with …Turd.


Tastes like Turkey. Wasn’t impressed as anything special.

If you are going to get one of those turduckens, may I suggest his for dessert?

I would do the Turducken as a new experience. Order one to cook at home, don’t do it yourself. I’ve had it for Christmas one year with my in-laws in S. Louisiana. I had a similar experience to Mr. Fleming - liked it fine, but nothing I crave. I would happily eat it again, but I don’t seek it out.