Cabot Vineyards

Cabot USED to be one of those undiscovered young wineries…that is…until Wine Berserkers got hold of them. Now John is super famous, has a big fan base, and, best of all…makes PINOT! His first attempt at Pinot Noir were incredible, with Nash Mill and Anderson Valley. Confluence - also offered below - is Jen’s favorite of the Cabot wines, and of course he made his bones with Syrah, which is Eric LeVine’s favorite Cabot wine. You’ll find no shortage of love for Cabot on Wine Berserkers, so here’s your chance to try it if you haven’t yet already!

Cabot Vineyards

We are offering four three packs. Shipping will be $10 for 3 packs, 6 packs and cases. So mix and match a case.

Humboldt Vertical- $70
07 Humboldt Syrah
08 Humboldt Syrah
09 Humboldt Syrah

Pinot Pack- $100

2- 2010 Anderson Valley- third fill and 25% Hungarian Oak
1- 2010 Nash Mill Vineyard, Anderson Valley- third fill barrels- 15 cases left

Cab and friends- $80
07 Cabernet- 93% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Cabernet Franc- 25% new french oak
07 Confluence- 50% Cabernet, 30% Syrah, 20% Syrah(Kimberlys)- no new oak
09 Confluence- 40% Merlot, 30% Malbec, 15% Syrah(Kimberlys), 13% Cabernet Sauvignon, 2% Cabernet Franc- no new oak

Cuvee exploration- $50
07 Klamath Cuvee- 80% Syrah 18% Merlot 2% Viognier- 15%- new hungarian
08 Klamath Cuvee- 50% Cabernet, 30% Syrah, 20% Merlot- no new oak
09 Klamath Cuvee- 60% Syrah 40% Zin- 100% Clover Flat vinayard, WIlliow Creek, Humboldt County- no new oak

Hint - try the pinot…just sayin

Um, yeah

Site shows $80 for the Cab pack, not $70. Not sure which price is correct.

John will make it right once he gets back from Walmart and changes out of his miniskirt (inside joke).

In for two of the syrah verticals


Click on the PayPal icon in the bottom left. That shows the correct pricing. Just went in for a couple of three packs of Syrah. Shipping came to $10 flat for the order. Always a favorite.

Thanks folks!

I asked him and confirmed the price is $80 - corrected the OP

Still showing $80 for me.

Nice! In for a Cab mix and Syrah vertical.

I get an error message when I try to order. Some crap from PayPal. Anyone know how to work around this?

I just finished placing an order and didn’t have any problem.

The price on the Cabby Pack is $80. The Confluence is normally $32 retail

If anyone would like to pay by check, please email me your order direct at

In for 2x Syrah thanks!

Thank you to Wineberserker Board for this discovery–Cabot! First ordered during Berserker Day II…supplemented with additional orders. Eager to add to dwindling supply of '07 Cabot Humboldt Syrah and try Cabot pinots.

Email order placed.

6 pack of pinot for me.

Thanks, e-mail sent.