Cabot Vineyards Six Packs

Cabot Vineyards

Another BerserkerDay Favorite! I doubt John Cabot will be awake yet, so let’s all bombard him with orders!

Pack #1- syrah pack- $120

2 btls… 07 Klamath Cuvee- best buy of the year in Ca. wine from WIne and Spirits magazine for 2012- retail… $20
2 btls… 07 Humboldt Syrah- 90 pts bobby and rockin in the free world…:slight_smile: retail…$24
2 btls 07 Kimberlys Syrah- retail…$28

Pack #2-bxd pack-$120

2 btls… 07 Cabernet… $25
2 btls… 07 Merlot… $22
2btls….07 Confluence… 50% Cab, 30% Syrah, 20% Merlot

Order: cabotvin at (the ‘at’ is @)

Can’t say no to this - in for a case. Wake up John!

no brainer.

Good golly. I’m in!

FYI, shipping cost to CT was estimated at $15 for the six pack.

I didn’t completely follow the rules and emailed them what I wanted and instructed them on how to get my CC info to them. Not sending CC info via plain text email.

Love the offer though. Thanks!

Are we supposed to be sending our CC info in the email? I don’t see that stated as a “rule” anywhere?

I emailed and asked what to do next?

iirc from last year, emailed req and then sent a fax w/ cc# later.


In for a #2 Pack. [cheers.gif]

In for a Syrah pack. flirtysmile

got mine :slight_smile:

In for a Syrah 6’er as well. [cheers.gif]

Just bought a bunch more from their fall offer so I am going to pass but for those who haven’t tried their wines, they are a fantastic QPR.

I’m in. Absolutely. Thanks John.

Thank you for your orders. I am getting them and will respond to everyone. If you would like to send your order with credit card type, # and exp., via fax the number is 530-292-5032. Or send it email to or call 707 633-6422.

OK, I’m in for a Syrah 6-pack. They make nice wines!

I sent an email for one of each. Do I get one with the vineyard designation scribbled in ink on the label like last time?

Just emailed my first order of the day in. [cheers.gif]

Is John out of bed yet? Been waiting for a confirmation for 6 hours. neener
Last year took 5 days, so not sweating, but maybe he wants my credit card info?

in for a #1.

great wines, great prices, great people.