Cabot Vineyards is going Retro!

This years offer is a rare opportunity to buy wines that we have aged perfectly in our winery. They have never moved since bottling and were kept in ideal conditions. We have pulled a few cases of a number of our library wines and we are offering them in a variety of packs. We are extending a flat $10 shipping, so even if you order multiple packs it is still $10! In addition we are offering 8 bottles of the infamous 2006 Syrah, Bacon Fat bottling. It will be awarded to the first eight people that order the full case of Retrospective Syrah. grouphug

All these wines are from our estate vineyards, organically farmed and lovingly tended by John himself.

Here it is…

#1- Kimberly’s Pack
06 Kimberly’s Syrah

07 Kimberly’s Syrah

09 Kimberly’s Syrah

3 pack- $80, 6 pack- $150 - limited availability

#2- Confluence Pack
04 Confluence- California style Bordeaux blend

07 Confluence

09 Confluence

3 pack $80, 6 pack- $150 -limited availability

#3- Pinot Pack
3 2010 Pinot Noir Anderson Valley

3 pack- $90

Only 22 packs available

#4- Syrah Pack
09 Humboldt Syrah

09 Kimberly’s Syrah

08 Humboldt Syrah

3 pack $80, 6 pack- $150

Retrospective packs

  • First 8 people that order pack #5 get a 06 Bacon fat exchanged for the second 09 Humboldt Syrah. We will notify the winners!

    #5- The Syrah Retrospective- 100% estate grown Humboldt County

    2- 09 Humboldt Syrah- or a Bacon Fat if you are one of the lucky ones…:wink:

2- 09 Kimberly’s Syrah

08 Humboldt Syrah

07 Kimberly’s Syrah

06 Kimberly’s Syrah

06 Arias Syrah

06 Humboldt Syrah

04 Humboldt Syrah

04 Reeds Syrah

04 Kimberly’s Syrah

Only 24 of these packs available- $320

#6- Zin and Friends Retro pack- Humboldt county

03 Zinfandel- still drinking beautifully!

06 Zinfandel

06 Tributary- 90% Zin, 10% Syrah

07 Tributary- 70% Zin, 29% Syrah, 1% Viognier, co-fermented

08 Tributary- 60% Syrah, 40% Zin

09 Tributary- 90% Zinfandel, 10% Syrah

only 24 available- $100 for all 6 bottles

#7- Klamath Cuvee Vertical- all estate grown, Humboldt county

05 Klamath Cuvee

06 Klamath Cuvee

07 Klamath cuvee

08 Klamath cuvee

09 Klamath cuvee

10 Klamath cuvee

only 24 available- $100 for all 6 bottles

Just go to to place your order. [cheers.gif]

LONG time forum favorite (essentially, wasn’t Cabot ‘discovered’ on Wine Berserkers, about 5 years ago?), and with the ever-desirable ‘Bacon Fat’ thrown in to a few lucky buyers…



GO John GO!

Love me some Cabot!!!


Is there any Cabot listed you don’t already have a bunch of? There should be a Cabot wing in your cellar by now [snort.gif]

It’s fun to watch the number of page views on this one go up and up and up so quickly . . .

In for the Retro pack! Praying I get the Bacon Fat wine!


Well I only have 4 cases of Cabot actually. I seem to open a pretty consistent 15-16 per year for 3 years in a row now. And yes, I do have most of them.


Heck yeah

Like this is a surprise [popcorn.gif]

I might have gotten so excited (and confused) yesterday when I saw the preview thread (before drinking my morning latte) that I immediately rushed over to John’s site then. Whoops…

[drinkers.gif] in for a retro case…very excited! Thanks!

Oh my goodness yes.

Fingers crossed for bacon fat!

In for the syrah sampler!

In for the Zin!

2 3 packs…been wanting to try this!!

I’d like to try some of their wine, any recommendations on which of the packs showcase Cabot’s winemaking style? (excluding #5)
I’ll be sharing this purchase with my parents. They prefer cab, zin, shiraz (fruit-forward), whereas I prefer pinot. Thanks!