Cabot Syrah fan? Live on the north coast?

Hey, Cabot Syrah fans who live on the north coast, the NorthCoast Co-op has the 2010 Klamath Cuvee Syrah on sale for $14.99 a bottle. I suggest a hike over to the Eureka or Arcata stores.

Inventory reduction sale. I’ll honor this price on WB too if any of you want to load up.

Case discounts, John ;-p ?

Well then PM on the way [cheers.gif]

Sorry David, Id like to not lose too much money on this offer…:wink:

PM for a case.

Ive received quite a few questions about this wine. Its 100% Syrah, 50% whole cluster, from Kimberlys vineyard. All old(6-10yr) French barrels, native yeast fermentation, from a very cool, late year here on the Klamath River, Orleans. blahblah

I’m in more a 12er, John

Anyone have recent TN or impressions on this wine?

A very cool, late year indeed. Some of the So Hum Pinot we took in '10 were under 21 brix and that was Nov. 1.

I have not tasted John’s '10 Syrah, but I am going to hazard a guess this is not a huge fruit bomb.

…gotta do it. Had the 2010 Humboldt at Falltacular a few years back, and it was outstanding, so if this is even comparable, this is an amazing deal.

I am definitely a cool climate lover and ordered a case. I started with the '06 Kimberly and have shared quite a few over the years. I am a little selfish with the cooler vintages and tend to keep the pinots to myself. [cheers.gif]

There are some tasting notes on Cellar Tracker that I feel are fairly accurate.

This is the exact same fruit just put in all our oldest barrels vs. the Humboldt that had mostly two and three year old barrels(as new as it gets for me…:wink:

My wife opened up one of the bottles I had purchased the other day, and asked me to guess what it was. I noted the deep color, the slight bacon on the nose, the olives and cherries in the taste, and the good acidity, and just the hint of tannin at the end, and pegged it as cool climate Syrah. Knowing what was in the cellar made me recognize it as Cabot’s 2010 Klamath Cuvee. Anyone thinking about it should jump at John’s offer. This is a very good bottle of everyday drinking wine for an outstanding price.

Sounds oh so good. Splitting a case with a buddy.

Nose is awesome: briney bloody meat, olive juice, tapenade, spice box, red fruit. Palate shows good acid. Light to medium weight. Moderate tannins. Red currents. Salt rocks. Minerality all over the place. Finishes medium length with lots of savory notes. I did not get any vanilla/oak at all. Maybe sandalwood or some other exotic infested thing. Some thought a bit of heat on the finish. I did not get that either.

It shows a bit more demure side of savory as opposed to some of the Cayuse in your face funk. This is delicious and would be best served with lamb, game, duck, mushrooms. Terrific wine. (93 pts.)

PM sent. In for a case

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Damn - what a great deal! Just hope John is making a bit on this as that is one low price . . .


Knowing what goes into making wine, I feel the same way. Think about what he must have charged the coop for them to price it that way [wow.gif].

The Coop runs specials every month and their mark up is extremely low. That said, No, im not making much if anything on this deal. Just trying to give people on this board a great deal to show my appreciation for their support throughout the years… [cheers.gif]