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Once again, we are offering a variety of library wines, with a few newbies thrown in. These wines have been quietly resting in our winery since bottling. All wines other than our Pinot Noirs from Anderson Valley are from our organically farmed, own rooted and estate grown vineyards here in Orleans, Klamath River, Humboldt County.
We have slightly lowered the cost of most packs this year and are offering flat rate $20 shipping on 6 packs, $40 shipping on cases. This is our attempt at “meeting you in the middle” when it comes to the cost of direct shipping these days. Many of these wines are the last couple few cases we have in our cellar and wont be offered again, so don’t hold back.

Please go to We have berserkerday buttons set up to make it quick and easy. Just click on Berserkerday wines and order straight away.

If any of you have any special requests or questions please feel free to email me directly at or phone me at 707 496 5381.

Pinot pack- $200 6 pack, $360 a case

1 2011 Anderson Valley- Blend of Valley Foothills vineyard(next to Navarro winery), and Nash Mill vineyard (next to Burt Williams, Morning
Dew), 50% whole cluster.

1 2011 Nash Mill Vineyard- 100% Pommard Clone 2, 75% whole cluster. All native yeast and ml. No new oak.

2 2013 Anderson Valley- 85% VF “Day Ranch”, 15% Nash Mill, all neutral French oak

2 2013 Nash Mill Vineyard. “the last dance” 100% Pommard clone 2, all neutral barrels 25% whole cluster

Syrah- Humboldt Vertical Pack- $150 This vertical was put together with the AFWE in mind

1 2007 Syrah, Klamath Cuvee- 25% Henderson Hill, 75% Old Mill vineyard

1 2008 Syrah, Humboldt county- Old Mill vineyard

1 2009 Syrah, Humboldt County- 75% Henderson Hill, 25% Kimberly’s

1 2010 Syrah, Humboldt County- Kimberly’s vineyard, 33% whole cluster, all neutral barrel aged, cool, late vintage, 13.8% alc

1 2010 Syrah, Klamath Cuvee- Kimberly’s vineyard, 100% whole cluster, picked a week before the regular Humboldt

1 2011 Syrah, Humboldt County- Kimberlys Vineyard coldest, latest vintage ive seen in 20 yrs of grape growing in The KRV

Syrah- SVD pack- $180 This is a collection of our finest single vineyard Syrahs, including the 11, and 12 Syrahs from the outstanding Marier

1 2012 Kimberly’s Syrah- 96% Syrah, 4% Viognier, Co fermented, all neutral French oak

1 2012 Kimberly’s Syrah EXT- 90% Syrah, 10% Viognier Co- Fermented, 100% whole cluster, extended maceration, 60 days on the skins post ferment. Neutral French oak.

1 2009 Kimberly’s Syrah- 97% Syrah, 3% Viognier, Co- fermented, 25% new Hungarian oak

1 2011 Marier Vineyard Syrah- 95% Syrah, 5% Viognier, Hermitage clones 174, 383, 470, all neutral French oak, 50% whole cluster

1 2012 Marier Vineyard Syrah- 100% Syrah, all neutral French oak, 25% whole cluster

1 2009 Les Duex Comtes- 50% Kimberly’s vineyard, 25% Thompson vineyard Syrah(Santa Barbara County) and 25% Camp 4 vineyard Grenache(Santa Ynez Valley)

Zinfandel six pack- $150 Single Vineyard Zinfandels from Humboldt County

1 2013 Humboldt County Zinfandel- 100% Zin, Marier Vineyard, all neutral oak- 13.8% alc

1 2013 Marier Vineyard Zinfandel, whole cluster- 100% whole cluster Zinfandel, all neutral oak or 22 months, 13.8% alc.

1 2013 Tributary, Marier Vineyard- 90% Zin, 5% Viogner, 5% Syrah, co-fermented and aged in 3 yr old French oak for 22 months 14.4% alc

1 2011 Zinfandel, Marier Vineyard- 95% Zin, 5% Syrah, co-fermented, aged 22 months in 3 year old French barrels 13.8% alc

1 2009 Zinfandel Tributary- 100% Zinfandel, Ishi Pishi Ranch- this 09 has very similar characters to a young Brunello, with tar and florals on the nose. Its rich and intense, with tart black and red cherry, and a rich, structured finish, still loaded with acid. This is a great food wine.

1 2007 Zinfandel Tributary- 75% Zinfandel, 22% Syrah, 3% Viognier- this wine is well in the “Claret phase” with lots of pencil shavings, old cigar box
and balsamic notes to the bright red and dark fruits

Aged Confluence Pack- $180

2 2004 Confluence- 75% Cabernet, 24% Merlot, Old Mill vineyard, Humboldt County- This 13 year old wine is still showing amazing
purity and fruit. Its taking on extra elements of cigar smoke, licorice, and herbs, accompanying the raspberry and dark cherry

2 2007 Confluence- 50% Cabernet, Old Mill, 30% Merlot, 20% Syrah(the later two from Kimberly’s vineyard, co fermented)- I just tasted this wine
two nights before posting this and am REALLY happy with the way it has aged. It has that “old school” Cali Cab character, with
graphite, pencil shavings, licorice, and green olive, accompanying the red and black currant, blackberry, dark cherry, cedar,
clove and earth. This is very complex and should go for 5 or more years just fine

2 2009 Confluence- 40% Merlot, 30% Malbec, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Syrah, 5% Cabernet Franc- Ishi Pishi Ranch, Orleans-
This wine has come together quite nicely with its purple flower, dark fruit and pepper nose. It is vibrant and juicy, with blue
fruit hinting at strawberry and cherry, showing olive, earth, spice and some earthy, forest notes. the finish shows just a hint
spice from aging on 25% new Hungarian oak

Aged Cab and Friends pack- $160

1 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, Humboldt County, Old Mill vineyard

1 2006 Merlot, Humboldt County, Humboldt County, Old Mill

1 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Humboldt County, Old Mil

1 2007 Merlot, Humboldt County, Old Mill

1 2005 Klamath Cuvee, Humboldt County- 50% Cab, 30% Merlot, 15% Zinfandel, 5% Syrah

1 2006 Klamath Cuvee, Humboldt County- 50% Cab, 30% Merlot, 20% Syrah

For additional notes and scores on these wines check, There are lots of notes from widely respected posters.

Cabot Vineyards
Humboldt County

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