CabHunter: 2006 Two Hands Charlies Patch...again....$39.99

Hi mike,

Today we are offering Two Hands Wines
Charlie’s Patch
Napa Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
originally priced at $124.99 and available now for only $39.99. Ground shipping is free with your purchase of 2 bottle(s).

90 Rating - Wine Enthusiast
90+ Rating - Robert Parker
92 Points - Stephen Tanzer

*** 69% OFF!! ***


92 Points - Stephen Tanzer
90+ Rating - Robert Parker
90 Rating - Wine Enthusiast

Acclaimed TWO HANDS Australian Shiraz specialists, Michael Twelftree and Richard Metz have teamed up with famed winemaker Thomas Brown (Outpost, Schrader, Maybach, and Casa Piena) to produce Two Hands Napa Charlie’s Patch.
The 2006 vintage is the second release of this highly acclaimed producer.
Continue to build your vertical with this cellar selection. …NOT TO BE MISSED !!
PS. Charlie’s Patch is named after Michael’s 3 year old son.

Once again, a wine you will not find in your friends cellar! (FWF)


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Unless I am you friend…

Damn, I thought I scored a deal at $55 a few months back. Haven’t cracked a bottle yet, and now I’m a little scared…

Other than over paying a bit, don’t fret.

  • 2006 Two Hands Cabernet Sauvignon Charlie’s Patch - USA, California, Napa Valley (3/26/2010)
    Deep dark and ominous. On swirl the wine holds the side of the glass like nobodies business. Some pure black fruits on the nose. The palate has some great blackberries, currant, cassis and a hint of pomegranate. Very nice lush medium to heavy weight wine that had just a hint of a green-streak out of the gate, and ended just a wee bit dry. After about an hour (50% of this was decanted 4 hours earlier) this really fleshed out to a wonderfully balanced and elegant classic cabernet, sans green, sans dry, one that shows breed and class. Tons of potential and clearly true to the vintage. Although reminiscent of the 05, I certainly like the '06 a bit better at this juncture. Now onto the '07… (92 pts.)

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Thanks for the encouragement, I feel better about my investment now. Maybe I should buy more under this new deal so I can dollar cost average.

Picked up 2 at $45 per bottle a couple months ago from WTSO. Now picking up 2 more at $40 per bottle…

The 2007 is pretty pretty good too!

Until next month!!! [rofl.gif]

where is this?

It was but now they are sold out.

I’m buying when it gets to $34.99.

Ahh, that’s what me and some friends ‘emptied’ someone out at for the 2005.
And I do mean emptied.

I’d have bought more also, but WTSO likes to ship right away and they don’t use styro. WAAAYYY to hot here for that now. So I miss out on their good deals except for a few months in the winter.

I thought Posner picked up a bunch of this and sold it for less…


I sprang for a couple.