Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 685

Does anyone have any experience with this clone? If so- thoughts?

Good morning John. Have you seen the ENTAV characteristics listing for 685? … . Also if you do a search on the 685 clone you will see vineyards & wineries in California that specifically mention it for their vineyard holdings. That should give direct contact info to help you out.


We have experience with 685. For us, 685 has performed extremely well in its youth and we only expect it to get better. This coming year we will be increasing how much of this clone we take and those around us who have worked with this clone always seem to want more as well. I would call 685 a clone that delivers a more “modern” cabernet style. When yields are kept low I think it’s great, much like Syrah 877. Does not have the structure or dark fruit of 169, doesn’t have the elegance of 337 and ripening tends to fall in-between those two. I would not hesitate to work with it depending on your use for it. If you are blending with another clone I would absolutely say go for it, just limit yield.

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