CA Cab Franc recs?

I’m not that familiar with this grape as the main component.

Any recommendations for Cab Franc based wines that are fairly representative of the grape (not looking for something that tastes more like a Cab, as I have tons of those types of wines)?

Thanks much!


EDIT: to correct my stupid mischaracterization of Ghost Dog [oops.gif]

I think Ghost Dog is predominately Petite Sirah and Cab Sauv. Wasn’t aware of there being any Cab Franc in it, but I could be wrong.

What is your price range?

Thanks Owen.

Don’t know why I thought Ghost Dog was mainly Cab Franc.

I corrected the post, but I still really liked the Ghost Dog I tasted (2016 vintage).

Hard to go wrong with Detert’s Cabernet Franc. The history, the land, quality…all there.

Another one that stays true, albeit more expensive, is Jarvis Cabernet Franc.

Since I don’t know what is “good” or “bad” Cab Franc yet, I would like to stick with $75 or less, but if there are stellar examples above that price point, that is fine too.

I would imagine there are some nice bargains out there relative to Napa Cabs.

Thanks Loren.

+1 to Detert and Jarvis. I’ll add Clos du Val’s CF to the list as well.

Here are some suggestions

Less than $100


Going to higher price points:

BRAND Proprietary
Ovid Hexameter
Realm Falstaff
Realm BTK

Chappellet or La Jota would be what I would go for in that price range. Chappellet will be excellent. I haven’t had La Jota but have had their Syrahs and I’m guessing the CF would be very good too.

Plenty of great suggestions and a few more to add to the list:

Lang and Reed (they started out ONLY making Cab Francs)
Lieu Dit
Roark Wine Company
Big Table in OR

The variety can certainly be polarizing depending upon what you are looking for. The last three make lighter takes on the variety but stay true to the more Loire green elements that I dig in the variety.


Pride & Chappellet are my two main go to’s for CF in Napa Valley. I just started buying Detert based on recommendations here. I like Ehlers Estate CF as well but am not a buyer of it annually.

I have had very nicely aged Pride and Chappellet CF and would recommend them very highly.

Thanks all.

I will pick up a bottle or two from some of the above.

Any suggested vintages for drinking now, not necessarily for showing the best, but to get a sense of style that I may like?

Once I find one or two I really like, I’ll pick up more from them across some vintages for more aging.

At this point, just trying to see which producer/style I may like best.


Just head over to Wine Exchange and hit up Kyle for suggestions; or go to Hi Time and hit up Dan - both will steer you right. And you might want to throw in some Chinon in there for comparison sake.


The last 6 years of releases, 12-18 have been great. 17 was a warmer year and I haven’t had many 17 reds yet. I would go with 13, 15 and 16 vintages if going for Napa Valley.

Thanks Larry.

I love Wine Exchange!

Gives me a good reason to pay them a visit.

Ehlers and Acorn are nice examples of CA cabernet franc (read: not Loire)

I second Wine Exchange.
If you order from them get some of Larry’s Cinsault, you shouldn’t miss it.

Viader is a highly acclaimed Napa producer of cab franc. Their signature wine, Viader (their proprietary red), is usually something like half to 2/3rds cab franc, plus they make a cab franc bottling called Dare.

Viader is a lovely wine, definitely showcasing the character of modern California cab franc within its flagship blend. I haven’t tried the Dare yet.

If you like a lighter style Cab Franc that is delicious and so easy to drink, try RYME Cab Franc. The 2018 is the current vintage and it is excellent. Added bonus is lower alcohol and only old barrels used.

Will post a recent note later.

Here is my note from earlier this year. No need to spend anywhere near $100.00, the 2018 RYME Cab Franc is $35.00 direct from the winery.

2018 Ryme Cabernet Franc Alegria Vineyard: The wine was fermented in two separate lots. One was a whole cluster fermentation in a tank and pressed gently by foot once a day to keep the top fresh and release some juice. This results in a partial carbonic fermentation. The other lot was whole cluster into clay amphora. Both fermentations were pressed separately to neutral oak barrels and blended prior to bottling.
Bright fresh cherry, crushed black pepper, green herbs, basil and cedar. Very good acidity and some grippy tannins on the finish. Year after year the Ryme Cab Franc is a favorite of ours. Very versatile with food. 12.5 ABV.


If you like a lighter style Cab Franc that is delicious and so easy to drink, try RYME Cab Franc. The 2018 is the current vintage and it is excellent. Added bonus is lower alcohol and only old barrels used.

Will post a recent note later.