C. 1922 ‘Champagne Joseph Perrier’ Poster (Original)

C. 1922 ‘Champagne Joseph Perrier’, by artist J. Stall (1874-1933). Lithography by B. Sirven, Paris.
An original, vintage lithograph poster; highly preserved.
This is THE iconic Champagne poster.

It’s an operatic, visual feast.
Bright, fresh colors. (A few minor abrasions, and a small scuff). Near mint. Linen-backed.
Incredibly large and amazing-looking, it will utterly transform your room.

Lithography, 62.25” x 46.75”

I offered it a year ago; had a deal, but it went south.
I had originally offered this poster framed. I will ship, lithography only, without the frame. (If local to Silicon Valley, we can discuss price WITH frame. The quality of the frame is spectacular…Look at the photos!)

International-poster.com sells this poster for $3,200 to start, depending on condition.

PM, if interested.

Ugh I’m such a sucker for this shade of blue [cry.gif]

It IS beautiful.
I’m sorry that you don’t live closer.


There are art shippers if somebody outside of CA wants it. I use Bourlet Art Logistics, although i imagine the cost would be high.

Update: Will ship, without frame.


I THOUGHT it had sold. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: