BYO in Disney World Orlando?

do they even allow BYO inside Disney World resorts in orlando? epcot or any resort hotels such as animal kingdom, contemporary hotel, grand floridian restaurants etc…

If so, it would make the “It’s A Small World” ride a lot more tolerable


Resorts? Absolutely. Restaurants- not so much. However, some restaurants have extensive wine lists with better than average prices. California Grill is my favorite, but other examples exist. Also, craft beer has become a focus at many parks, hotels, and restaurants.

Used to be $25 per bottle but that’s been 5 or 6 years.

I have brought wines to Flying Fish and Jiko. Resorts is not a problem what so ever.


Thanks, Audrey!

Try to get a table at Victoria and Alberts- best meal in Florida or at any park property hands down. Extensive wine and water list (kid you not)

Chef Scott has serious game

sorry for late late reply…I ended up taking bottles to many places in the resorts

@ narcossee walt disney world '14 Aubert CIX Chard
@ jaleo walt disney world '02 Piper Heidsick Cuvee Rare Champagne
@ animal kingdom lodge '04 Pichon Lalande
@ jiko walt disney world '17 William & Mary Proprietary Red

You can definitely bring your own wines to Victoria & Albert’s. I think the corkage fee is $75/bottle.

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