Bye bye Coravin capsules

Cost per glass poured falls from 70-90 cents each down to 0.5 cents each

Very portable.

“Tell me more, tell me more,
How much dough did he spend?”



“No officer, you’ve got it all wrong, this isn’t a bomb / germ warfare device. You see, when you remove the cork from a bott- what, what is that? OWWW! OUCH! DON’T TASE ME BRO!!!”

Four figures. And a lot of midnight oil, man hours, and hair pulling. Given how much wine I drink, this rig won’t break even for me any time soon. For a high-volume restaurant or wine bar though it could save big bucks in capsule costs.

I will say it’s a hella fun beast to drive. Like a Hummer. Power under the hood. I love the unlimited-bus-pass feeling of escape from Argon parsimony. I like to thumb the lever down firmly, cavalierly summoning as much Argon as it takes to eject my wine forthwith. No more tedious pouring in tentative tiny bursts, waiting interminably for the last dribble to minimize Argon loss.

I fancy the thought that I will never again have to buy another high-priced proprietary Coravin capsule paying 150x-200x the Argon cost. No more fumbling with capsules, running out at bad times, waiting for a new order to arrive.

The nearly costless Argon liberates me to grab the Coravin more often, more casually, and use it with a broad new category of less expensive wines where it previously wasn’t cost effective with capsules. Drinking a little wine here or there from whatever bottle any time of the day now truly feels painless.



I am seriously impressed!

Nice rig.

This deserves Post-of-the-Year for sheer audacity and rooster strutting!

Yea, you gotta like this guy.


As a person prone to overkill, I’m 100% interested in the details. I don’t own a Coravin, but would if the argon cost can be virtually erased.

Unfortunately, they may need to bolster the bottle condoms!

I imagine it really impresses the girls!


Trying to get it past the Health Department here could be tough. They have no sense of humor, no common sense and it there’s not a picture of it their manual, it’s an automatic 10 point deduction on your inspection score.

Four figures on a cylinder, regulator, and some hardware?

FWIW, people should realize that there is some hazard associated with that type of system.


I already have an argon tank and a regulator set up for my old winekeeper system. What’s the adaptor on the Coravin, and how did you connect it?

That really is awesome. I am in favor of all initiatives to put extreme pressure on the Coravin capsule revenue stream.


Yeah, your awesomeness might explode in someone’s face.

Seriously ,I dont doubt that Al