Bye Bye Brad Night - Pernot '95 BBM, Artadi, Montus, Ridge,

A bittersweet evening at Brad Cook’s as he is packing up the house and moving to Texas. A nice evening as it was shared by many friends. A loose theme was 2001’s.

Notables included a very nice Michigan Pinot Noir for <$20, a much better than expected 1995 Pernot BBM, a 97 point Artadi that could have been created anywhere, a fantastic Madiran, a great Finca Sandoval, and the WOTN (for me), a 38 year old Petite Sirah, brought by a 38 year old birthday boy.

2001 Zind Humbrecht Herrenweg de Turkheim Pinot Gris – Golden colr, honeyed nose, thick and syrupy, but only off dry. 92

1995 Pernot Bienvenues Batard Montrachet – Yellow color, spicy nose, aged, but not prem-ox, very powerful. 93

1995 Maison Bichot Corton Charlemagne – Light straw color, austere, gripping acidity, complex, but a bit shrill. Is this on the way up, or down? 89.

2007 Shady Lane Riesling (Leelanau Michigan) – Pleasant, clean, moderate finish. 83.

2007 Shady Lane Gewurtztraminer (Leelanau Michigan) – Little character, simple. 78.

2007 Ott Selection Les Domaniers de Puits Mauret – Lovely rose, good character, very pale. 88.

2007 Shady Lane Pinot Noir (Leelanau Michigan) – Really nice, excellent PN nose, Asian spice and cherry. 91.

1990 Saintsbury Reserve Pinot Noir – Earthy and funky, dusty rose, very complex, medium finish. Some thought this was corked. Some (including me) disagreed. 92.

2001 Artadi Pagos Viejos Rioja – Very new world ripe fruit, plenty of oak, nice to taste, but little unique character. 92.

2001 Remírez de Ganuza Rioja Old Vines Unfiltered – Spicy, cherry liqueur, French vanilla, lovely balance. 93.

2001 Chapoutier St Joseph Deschants – Good fruit, good grip, however nothing special. 89.

2001 Ridge Del Carlo Zinfandel – Dark fruits, wonderful balance & finish. 92.

2005 Montus Madiran – Great big black fruit covering a steel structure. 94.

2005 Grand Tinel Chateauneuf de Pape – Light ruby color, full bodied, a typical rustic styled CdP, lovely finish. 93.

2001 Finca Sanoval – Black, dense, great fruit and structure. 94.

1970 Mondavi Petit Sirah – Perfumed nose, dark ruby color, no bricking and full to the rim. A beautiful wine, great balance. My WOTN. 95.

I’ve tried had a couple of their '95 & '96 Cuvée Prestige and they were fantastic with wild boar and cassoulet. I’ve never tried one so young, but maybe I will now - just to see what they are like.

Thanks for the note.

By the way, it’s “Remírez de Ganuza”.