Buy2Sell/Vang Online Vietnam - Anyone done business?

One of the wineries I work with was recently approached by Vang Online which looks aligned with Buy2Sell Vietnam about exporting into the Asian market. Just seeing if anyone here has done business with them before and if so, curious to learn about experienced. Thank you in advance for any feedback!

Hey there, they reached out to me. They are asking for money upfront for marketing before they place an order. Sounds strange. Have you continued to work with them?

We rejected the proposal based on that. $25k up front was not happening.

Yeah agree, they had tiers in my proposal the starting option was $6k. Seems pretty shady. Also on their site they have a shopping option, there’s even a cart icon, but you can’t actually add any products to your cart. There’s no button on any product. Lots of red flags.

Sounds scammy, I wouldn’t expect to have to front the cash, good odds they’d just walk and that’s it.

Hey there. We have been contacted by the same company and the proposal seems similar to yours. Can I ask whom from the company has contacted you? Thank you

Is the contract a scam? This I can reply, the company is too large to be a scammer, I saw their buildings and wine shops, foreign employees in the offices, they have large shoulders and I suppose a government eye on them. I saw a contract draft, in case of legal disputes they choose the Singapore Court to rule.

Would the resulting price be artificially inflated? And so the wine will not sell as opposed to the competitors? (if the winery can’t afford the investment, it could easily add 2$ into the unit selling price to cover it up)

Too many boring theories, but actually these are part of our daily challenges, isn’t it? What would you suggest, take the risk, make the investment, or instead take a more traditional and safer way? Don’t forget: this is Asia, and it moves fast, GDP still grows over 6% here, and if keep waiting could reach too late.