BURGUNDY: Your favorite Village ...

Whats´your favorite Village / most number of bottles in the cellar

  • Gevrey-Chambertin
  • Morey-St-Denis
  • Chambolle-Musigny
  • Vosne-Romanee
  • Nuits-St-Georges
  • none of above, I prefer Beaune/Pommard/Volnay
  • none, I drink only Chablis
  • none, I hate Burgundies

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The question only applies to Premier Crus and Village wines - not the celebrated Grands Crus …
and red wines only …
You may also name your favorite producer and/or vineyard …

Chambolle-Musigny on the wines of Comte de Vogüé alone.

I will probably be the only one to say this, but my favorite is Morey St. Denis. There is a certain purity to the wines of MSD that I really love. Also, it is the home of my favorite producer, Jacky Truchot, and I love the wines from a number of other producers from there like Ponsot, Jouan, Dujac, Domaine du Lambreys, Stephane Magnien, etc., etc., etc.

Volnay & Pommard for me. I could live on Taillepieds, Rugiens, Caillerets, Ducs, etc …

I suppose if money were no object I’d love to drink Vosne 1ers all day but I’m priced out.

It’s my wife’s fave so… [wink.gif]
Barthod, Bertheau for starters

Gevrey-Chambertin for me due to a lot of great producers like Mortet, Fourrier, Duroché, Rousseau, Trapet. Love the slightly strict style.

By excluding Grand Crus, Gerhard, I expect you will depress the votes for mostly Vosne and then Gevrey. If money is no object and people can drink whichever red Burgs they wish (even excluding DRC), I believe most Burg drinkers would first choose Vosne; there then seems to be an even split between Chambolle and Gevrey.

Chambolle. This preference has become clearer to me the more I taste and my purchases are heading in this direction. Bertheau, but actually a lot of the Chambolles I like are made by vignerons who live in a different village.

For fun, think about a NCAA bracket for even just Chambolle v. Vosne.

Amoureuses v. Cros Parantoux
Charmes v. Malconsorts
Fuees v. Suchots
Orveaux v. Orveaux

Greatest allure to Gevrey would be the top wines of Rousseau so if that was taken out of the equation the
toss up is between Vosne and Chambolle. Vosne are more expensive but just get the nod ahead of Chambolle.

Wines from cote de Beaune are nice, relatively inexpensive, easy to procure, etc but do not have the magic of the Chambolle and Vosne.

Hmmmmmmmm, going to hop in with Gevrey here; not just because of CsJ etc… In fact, mostly because I’ve had quite a few négociant bottligs of generic GC from the 30s - 70s lately that have kept up remarkably well (much better than equivalent village wines from VR/CM/MsD). In fact they have been some of the most interesting, if not necessarily the very top Burgundys I’ve had in the last couple of years.

So; my answer is mostly down to longevity and consistency of basic village wine, rather than anything else.

In terms of producers I would throw Clair-Dau in the ring. The CaJ is, IMO. Really speacial.

My favorite commune does not have (much) my favorite producer.

I love Nuits. I would probably love Vosne more if I could afford it.

If you’re buying Clos des Ducs, you’re not priced out of Vosne.

Do you want to know which is my favorite village or which village is mosr represented in my cellar (omitting grand crus)?

Poll does not include all villages - flawed poll showing biases of OP

I excluded Grand Crus because the number of GCs is so different: 9 in Gevrey, none in Nuits …
but GCs would be an own poll.
However your prediction seemes to be not completely right … no even split …

Maureen, it´s up to you … but in most instances I thought this would be identical …

If you say so - but

  1. I have certainly included the most important Villages on the Côte for reds …
  2. I don´t think that many people would opt for Fixin or Vougeot (only 4 Premier Crus, a good part in white) …
  3. I admit that I should have written: I prefer Beaune/Pommard/Volnay etc. (!), but here would be the opportunity to vote for other Villages … like Savigny-lès-Beaune, Pernand-Vergelesses … Aloxe-Corton … Chorey neener
  4. Since the poll is for reds only I saw no sense in listing Meursault/Puligny-/Chassagne- (yes, the latter has a substantial quantity of red wine)

For me it’s Vosne Romanee, both in terms of preference and what’s in my cellar. What stands out is the strength and diversity of the Vosne Premier Crus. Malconsorts is probably my favourite premier cru vineyard. In addition to the other Vosne premier crus that previous posters have mentioned, there are just a number of other terrific vineyards like Petit Monts, Aux Brulees, Beaux Monts and Aux Reignots that I really enjoy. Whilst a number of the other villages have great vineyards, none have the depth of vineyards and producers that Vosne has.

It’s of course difficult to take producers out of the equation and it helps that Vosne Romanee has a great stable of producers making really good premier crus and village wines.

Gerhard, you know this place. Somebody will find some fault somewhere, and they be SURE to post it. rolleyes

Chambolle for me too