Burgundy under $200

I could really use some Burgundy assistance (and I note that I am following the 2019 Burgundy thread but this is a little more specific).

  1. What are you favorites under $200/bottle? I don’t have a lot of friends who are big Burgundy drinkers and don’t have the benefit of large tastings like the UGC for Bordeaux. So it has been much more difficult to really get a handle on the region.

  2. What retailer/s do you use? I mostly buy from K&L but it really does not seem like Burgundy is their strong suit.


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Tell us more and we’ll be able to help more.

Are you hoping for a single epiphany wine to see if burgundy is for you?

Is this for immediate consumption, long term cellaring, or somewhere in between? Current release or something with age?

Did you have a specific color in mind, or anything goes?

What other burgs have you liked? If you don’t have burg experience, what are some of your favorite wines?

Finally, I think K&L is well above average.

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Thanks! I think I am passed the epiphany point. Fortunately, through a couple of friends I have been able to try a few ridiculously good bottles (including an 1985 DRC Richebourg).

Producers I buy somewhat regularly include Faiveley, D’Angerville, Comte Armand, Lafarge (pre-pricing getting really high), Bouchard, Bize, Pousse d’or, Jadot, and Henri Gouges. Largely as a function of pricing, I’ve had more Volnay than anything else.

I just generally find Burgundy to be a place where there seem to be a large number of producers whose wines I haven’t tried. And as I mentioned, unlike California or Bordeaux, there don’t tend to be the sort of large tastings that allow for a lot of producers at once.

Additionally, the critics scores tends to be in a narrower range in Burgundy (a lot of BH 90-93 outstandings), which I find less helpful as a purchasing guide.

If you really want to invest the time and energy, and don’t want to just dabble in this pool, there is one efficient way to do it. La Paulee in NYC (in the near future there is an event planned for Los Angeles, not sure exactly where…) will be tentatively planned in March of 2022. Of course it all depends on He That Shall Not Be Named. There is a grand tasting at Pier 30 and a verticals tasting held the same time frame. Numerous special dinners and a grand dinner are also held, although the grand dinner is a little too much for me at this point in time. I much prefer the verticals event as you get to taste many producers wines with some age on them. It is less frantic and you can get to chat with many Burgundian producers in a more leisurely way. There have been heavy hitters and the chance to talk with the up-and-comers as well as negoce wine producers all at one clip. You can taste and find out for yourself what you really want to chase. It is difficult to just read about the wines and go by others recommendations as Burgundy is frustratingly elusive to describe to others. Every palate has a preference and talking with Burgundy lovers is like herding cats, (only cats are more predictable!)

If this sounds like work, well it kinda actually is…

But if you are at all serious about this game, I can’t stress enough how valuable this is. You will learn, and of course generate even more questions. It can even be fun.

Bon Chance!

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Here’s at least 10:

Lignier MSD 1er VV
Barthod 1er (any)
Angerville Taillepieds
Bouley CDC
Marc Roy Cuvée alexandrine
f Esmonin Ruchottes
S Esmonin CSJ
Jadot CSJ
Hudelot CV


You are in the LA are so try Envoyer.

Some of my favorite producers that make wines in the price range you mention include Hudelot-Noellat, d’Angerville, Lafarge (their Volnay Vendanges Sélectionnées is pretty well priced for the quality), Rossignol-Trapet, Pierre Amiot, Jouan, and Chandon des Briailles (esp. try their Pernand-Vergelesses Ile des Vergelesses (but these wines need time)).

But, what I am buying the most these days is red Chassagne Montrachet, esp. from Ramonet and Bernard Moreau. Do note that I am 66 so am buying wines these days that won’t need 20 years of aging.

Look for 2014s and 2017s for elegant wines that might not cost as much as the more hyped 2015 and 2019 wines.


Look at:


You’ll be lucky to get swallowable White Burgundy for less than $200.

People who still think about Burgundy as being a wine of the triple digits simply have to come to grips with the cold hard reality that the good stuff is now priced in the quadruple digits, and the great stuff is priced in the quintuple digits [although, in magnum & larger formats, the great stuff is easing into the sextuple digits].

This is just incorrect. There are probably only 10 or so white burgundy producers whose 1er crus exceed the $200 threshold in the US (in 2019 that’s slightly changed, but not by that much). I’m not arguing it’s cheap, but there’s a ton of great white burgundy for under $200.

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Good list

Nonsense as usual

I am certain Nathan’s post was very tongue in cheek, well I hope so Anyway. Lamy, PYCM, Ramonet, Carillon, Billaud-Simon, Sauzet, C.Moreau, Caroline Morey can generally be tolerated!

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Pretty much all my favorites are less than $200. Here are the first ten great (red) ones that come to mind, following Michael’s approach:

Gouges Les St. Georges
Chevillon Les St. Georges (or Cailles is LSG creeps over $200)
Lignier Morey St. Denis 1er VV
Clavelier Chambolle-Musigny Combe d’Orveau VV
Bruno Clair Gevrey 1er Cazetiers
Drouhin Beaune 1er Clos de Mouches (way under $200)
Jadot Corton ‘Pougets’ (also way under $200)
de Montille (or d’Angerville) Volnay 1er Taillepieds
de Courcel (or Montille) Pommard 1er Rugiens (needs lots of time)
Lafarge Volnay ‘Vendages Selecciones’ (way under $200; sometimes you can find Chenes/Ducs/Caillerets sub-$200 as well, but it’s getting rarer)

It would be just as easy to find ten more. Or make the an under $100 list. That’s what’s so great about Burgundy. Above about $40, there’s basically endless excellence at every price point, depending on your taste preferences.


I think we may know each other. You are welcome to come to some of our offlines, though we don’t drink $200 bottles that often, usually more reasonable ones.

As for K&L, they are convenient, but better to buy from Envoyer, Lopa, and other OC retailers on the basis of price. And probably more off the beaten path selections unless you are just looking for the bigger names already mentioned in this thread.

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[rofl.gif] [rofl.gif] [rofl.gif] He has now posted something like this about 500 times. Do a search.

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I have never paid anywhere close to $200 for a white Burgundy and somehow I manage to swallow the ones I have.

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some of my go to sub $200/200ish red burgs

Fourrier Gevrey Chambertin VV
Fourrier Les Petits Vougeots / Hudelot Noellat Les Petits Vougeots
Duroche Lavaux St Jacques
Coquard Loison Fleurot Echezeaux
Mugneret Gibourg Vosne Romanee
Drouhin Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru
Bertheau Les Charmes
Rossignol Trapet Chambertin

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This was a great thread. Basically the same

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M-G Vosne Romanee sub $200.00 is pretty much a done deal. This wine will certainly top out well over $200 in the 2020 vintage. The 2019 is pretty scarce now in the US and you have to roll the dice with Ideal wine to have a shot at getting it slightly under $200. I will throw my hat in the ring with a blind suggestion…

JP Guyon- anything he makes right up to the VR premier cru is waaaay below $200.00. and it is awesome for the money. Read William Kelley if you doubt me!

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JP Guyon wines are great, shame I can’t find much of it where I am, but would absolutely include in a sub $200 list

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