Burgundy/Riesling Bottles in a Eurocave ???

I was very happy with my Eurocave when my cellar was 90% Bordeaux and Barolo. Now however, with Burgundy and Riesling being added, I’m a lot less satisfied.

Everything seems pretty wobbly in there due to the sloping bottles.

Is there a trick for loading these bottle shapes that I’m unaware of -maybe some placement pattern that adds stability?

Any tips appreciated. I’m thinning it out today.

Eurocave should create a unit for each bottle shape!! neener

and call it Riedel.

Going through something similar after moving my credenza unit. Even when stacking them they wobble quite a bit. Need a part to support the neck. Some of the burgundy bottles are just huge.

Exactly. I wonder if there is something out there that would accomplish this and is made from a material that is okay to place in the unit.

I’ve tried building a base with “normal” shaped bottles - keeping all the Burg shapes together - mixing and matching. Nothing seems to be a good solution. Right now I have one shelf I dare not slide out.

My fault too as the unit is overloaded - but still!!!

The trick is to pack it so full that the bottles have no room to move. Seriously, that’s what I do. It’s a big jumbled mess, but it works. Oh yeah, and just forget about using the sliders on the shelves, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Not sure if it will help in the Eurocave but in my wine locker I stack the riesling bottles backwards with the neck facing the back wall. Makes a big difference. However, I keep all the riesling together in one bin so there is never the issue of stacking other types of wine on top.

I stack the half bottles in front of the riesling and it equals out to the two Bordeaux bottles in size.