Burgundy restuarants question

I’m planning on visiting Burgundy in the near future but most unfortunately will be flying solo. There are too many incredible bottles at even more incredible prices on wine lists for me to pass up. However, there’s no way I’ll be able to finish a bottle on my own and still responsibly drive back to my airbnb.

1 - is there the equivalent of Lyft or Uber in Burgundy? How do people get around without needing a car? (I don’t know that I’d want to bike on unfamiliar roads in the dark, especially after a bottle of wine)
2 - will restaurants allow me to consume half a bottle, cork it, and take the rest back to my airbnb? I know enough not to ask for doggie bags in France, but don’t know if the same rules apply to wine.

I’ve never been refused this courtesy in any restaurant I’ve been to in Europe. I suggest telling them when they bring the bottle to the table so you can keep the cork. I usually bring a small reusable tote that fits a single bottle and rolls into a small footprint that I keep in my bag, but restaurants usually have paper bags to take the wine with you.

It’s why I stay in Beaune so I can walk home from dinner.

Get the “repour” bottle stoppers for the unfinished bottles you bring back, I think you’ll find them better than a regular cork for a day or two.

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Agree with Jay, I have never had a problem leaving a restaurant with a bottle with a cork in it.

There are apps similar to Uber in France, but I won’t comment since my last trip was in 2019 and that seems like another age. Cabs have no problem taking you miles into the country.

Don’t dismiss trains. The TER line from Dijon runs to Beaune, where the station is an easy walk to the center of the city, and then on to, for example Santenay, from which station (Santenay-les-Bains) it is an easy 5 minute (max) walk to Le Terroir for an excellent meal.

Stay in Beaune

Naturally I expect any self respecting solo to order a bottle… and a split.