Burgundy restaurants not requiring weeks in-advance reservations

We have reservations for our May trip to Burgundy but don’t want the whole visit pre-programmed.
We’re hoping walk-in -or- reservations a few days in advance are possible at some, at least for lunch.
Is that possible with these?
Bistro Lucien -or- Cave et Cuisine -or- La Cuverie de Vosne

Any other ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.


LA CUVERIE at VOSNE is certainly posssible; and even LA CABOTTE (Nuits) is at noon rarely overcrowded to put it mildly. (Awful espensive wine list now made me elimanate the restaurant from my annual visits…)

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Tres Girard in Morey SD should also be available 1-2 days in advance.

We were just in Burgundy and had lunch (on May 1 no less) at La Cabotte. Fantastic. We just started with a lovely mache salad and I had poussin which was so freaking delicious it made the day. Nice bottle of Pavelot Corton-Charlemagne at a price that seemed weirdly low. Nice list.

I would imagine Bout du Monde you could walk into. It’s more wine bar/youth hang out (they have an “outside” part that smoking in) allowed in which can be annoying. It’s just charcuterie and small bites but they have an EXTENSIVE wine list. That’s in Beaune. We had a great time and the woman behind the bar is awesome.

We had lunch at Biz’tro and that seemed pretty open. Little 3 course tasting menu that was delicious all the way around and everything everyone had was excellent. Dessert was off the hook (one of the things was like the best possible version of that strawberry shortcake ice cream bar you got as a kid).

Premnord in Premeaux-Pressey is right next to Arlot. Fairly new from what I understand and owned by Prierre Roch (they got some serious PR wines in there BTW) is both very large and not exactly in the fanciest town in Burgundy. It itself is very fancy and the food (lunch) was excellent. I doubt far in advance rezzos would be needed.

We literally walked into La Soleil in Savigny with no reservation and they sat us. This was a Monday night, but still. Charming place. They were actually doing a 6 course meal (50 euro) that was paired, if you desired, with a small cocktail (30 extra euro). We did that and all the cocktails were great and worked really well with the eclectic menu they were serving. We also ordered a bottle of Lafon Meursault off the list that was delicious. Highly recommended.

Got a same day reservation at L’ardoise in Beaune on a Thursday. It’s right next to Caves des Madeleine which likely sucks up a lot of the air. Again, we had an excellent meal and we both got the rack of lamb that was done with lovely spring veggies. Delicious. Spare by Beaune standards wine list but still has many nice selections. We got a Pousse d’Or Bousse d’Or for a very fair price. There were empty tables the whole time we were there.

Not sure about this last one since I had nothing to do with the reservations and we definitely were in the friends and family world with who did set it up and take us. Garum in Beaune is a former starred chef and it’s obvious he was. Insane food. Crazy good. Not quite Perception in Paris (see the Dining in Paris thread over in the Asylum for thoughts on an other-worldly meal) but amazing in its own right. It didn’t seem too busy but it is definitely a divided up space so hard to say. Also it was a Tuesday before May 1.

This, and HEAPS, of other things of similar pedigree were in the cellar (and not on the list, none of them, at one place we went to). Yeah. So, there’s that.

Good luck. Hope this is somewhat useful.


Soleil is fabulous. Goutte d’Or in Mersault as well should be a walk-in and is super fun.

For lunch at least, I honestly just made reservations online 15-30 minutes before all over Burgundy (and France in general.) Usually 1*s.

I loved Garum, btw! @Jim_Anderson Sat outside, had a Carillon BBM and a nice walk back to my hotel.

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Where was the photo taken?

Somewhere in Burgundy. It’s like having one of the keys to the nuclear missles on a sub though.



Thanks Guys. In Burgundy now. Appreciate the tips.

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That pic reminds me of the “secret room” at the old dominion wine shop in Chicago. One of the weirdest wine shop experiences I’ve ever had. Went in there, was empty, was picking up some PYCM MP I’d bought online, owner was wearing a tux with tails. Asked me if I wanted to see the “private stock” and there was literally a hidden door going back to a refrigerated room with floor/ceiling DRC and Leroy in OWC, I was like what the literal fuck lol

Rôtisserie du Chambertin In Gevrey is awesome and pretty easy to walk in. Their wine list has some gems in the back. The first few pages feel expensive, but the back half of the list is domaines they source from directly and I was able to drink Dujac CSD and Mugnier Chambolle for very reasonable prices. Great food too!

So, PM me. :wink: :grinning: