Burgundy prices coming down? Joseph Drouhin announces 15% price drop from 2021 to 2022 Vintage

" A big name from #Bourgogne breaks the ice! Frédéric Drouhin, president of the Joseph Drouhin family house, announces a spectacular drop in the price of his wines. The prices of all 2022 of the house drop by 15% compared to 2021."

Drouhin price drop announcement


you are 4 days late with this post.

Wake me up when they’re down 50%.


you’ll be Rip Van Winkle, Jr.

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Well, they are going from “F me” prices to “no way” prices.


I am being too flippant, it might trickle down.

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Wake me up when the wines are worth buying. OK, the Monty is very good.

Musigny is good too


And petits monts


And Clos des Mouches…along with Chassagne 1er Morgeot.


And the Chambolle 1er Cru…


LMAO! Too funny

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Griotte isn’t bad either


I think the meursault blanc is lovely

And the Baudes, and the Mouches, and the village Chambolle, and the Petit Monts, and…

there’s a reason Drouhin is my biggest holding in Burgundy.


Another wise observation from the article in my opinion:

Personnalité respectée et appréciée de la Bourgogne, Frédéric Drouhin a présidé l’Union des Maisons de Vins de Bourgogne et le Bureau Interprofessionnel des vins de Bourgogne (BIVB). Lorsqu’il parle, généralement, on l’écoute. Et que dit-il encore ? “Les prix se sont envolés au moment où des producteurs bourguignons fermaient leurs portes aux visiteurs, faute de vin à vendre. Cette situation altère l’image de la Bourgogne, qui a toujours été construite sur la qualité de l’accueil.” Pour faire face à cette situation, la maison a décidé de baisser les prix de 15% sur son millésime 2022.

Google Translate (emphasis added):

A respected and appreciated personality from Burgundy, Frédéric Drouhin chaired the Union of Burgundy Wine Houses and the Interprofessional Burgundy Wine Bureau (BIVB). When he speaks, people generally listen to him. And what else does he say? “Prices soared at a time when Burgundian producers closed their doors to visitors, due to a lack of wine to sell. This situation alters the image of Burgundy, which has always been built on the quality of the welcome.” To deal with this situation, the house has decided to lower prices by 15% for its 2022 vintage.

It’s not just the soaring prices… which arguably is not under their control… but also a possible change in the public’s perception of the low-key, small family Burgundy winemaking vibe, that could really wreck some long term damage if not corrected. Again: in my opinion.


And the Griottes-Chambertin

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Have you tasted the Chablis offering? Not too shabby…

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Mouches is outstanding in both colours.