Burgundy Grand Cru dinner: Toronto Jan 9, 2020

The lineup:

2014 Maison Leroy Bourgogne Blanc
2008 Pierre Gimonnet & Fils Champagne Premier Cru Blanc de Blancs Brut Fleuron
2011 Pierre Péters Champagne Grand Cru Cuvée Speciale Blanc de Blancs Les Chetillons
1998 Domaine des Lambrays Clos des Lambrays
2003 Domaine du Clos de Tart Clos de Tart
1971 Barton & Guestier Bonnes Marres
2000 Frederic Magnien Bonnes Marres
2006 Frederic Magnien Bonnes Marres
2010 Emilie Geantet Bonnes Mares
2006 Dominique Laurent Clos de la Roche Vieilles Vignes Intra-Muros

The theme was the Grand Crus of Chambolle-Musigny and Morey-St-Denis. The wines were declared in advance but we had the somm pour them blind.

Unfortunately the 1971 Bonnes Marres was corked. Of the remaining bottles, the majority of us settled on the same wine as our WOTN red and we were somewhat surprised that it was the 2003 Clos de Tart. The nose was rich with dark cherry and sous bois. The palate was fresh, full and deep with a long finish. As Joel said, “this is why I drink burgundy” (or something to that effect; by that point in the evening my memory began to fail me). This wine was another example that even in a tough, hot vintage, great wines are still great wines.

Others in the group preferred the ’06 Magnien B-M and ’06 D Laurent Clos de la Roche. But the bottom line is that all the wines showed extremely well and the night was an embarrassment of riches. Even the 2010 was drinking very well, considering its relative youth.

The service and food at Cru on Yonge St in Toronto was exemplary. Highly recommended. (Also loved their Mark Thomas stems.)

Great lineup.

Very nice work Andrew. Some of the 03s are in a very interesting place right now, and not at all what I had expected–in a good way.



Pretty surprised by the 03 showing - I’ve yet to have an 03 red burgundy I’ve really liked. Not at all surprised by the 06 Dominique Laurent Clos de la Roche showing - that’s a great wine.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for this. I’ve been reticent to start sampling my somewhat limited number of 2006 red burgs, particularly grand cru bottlings. However it seems that your two examples showed very well. Maybe it is time to do a bit of research.


Curious about Cru - I went there when it was LBs, and was not impressed enough to go back. Since then, I’ve heard good things about their new incarnation.

For food, what did you folks have - a la carte or tasting menu?

Cheers, Jay

Thanks for the taking the time to post about the dinner and include pictures of the wines, Andrew (there was also a 2014 Leroy Bourgogne Blanc to start things off). The bottles drunk even better than expected, particularly the younger ones. What a treat to try a variety of producers and vintages all from Morey St. Denis and Bonnes Mares! I fully agree that the crew at Cru did an amazing job handling the wines and the food was outstanding - my first time, but not my last.

Doug, yes the two 2006s were in a great place - but have years ahead of them.

Joel, thanks for the reminder about the Bourgogne Blanc!

Jay, the chef prepared a menu to pair with our wines. Extremely reasonable “all in” price (including corkage, tax and tip). Two of us had the seafood option for the 3rd and 4th courses:


Red snapper escabeche, crostini, rouille

Truffled winter vegetables, slow poached egg

Peanut butter and banana sandwich foie gras
Option: Pan seared scallops, anise, carrot, bok choy

Rabbit confit and ballotine, salsify, wild mushrooms
Option: Sea bream, salsify, wild mushrooms, sauce meurette

Quince and frangipane, bay leaf ice cream

Thanks for the report.

I make it to TO a couple of times a year and always am on a lookout for good BYO. Good to get a + report on Cru.


Thanks for the menu update - looks like I definitely need to visit Cru.


I am absolutely not surprised. This wine is fantastic. I tasted it twice and was blown away both times. This is another lesson that prejudices are stupid. Some 2003 Bordeaux and Burgundy are superb.

The all-in price (meal, corkage, tax and tip) for the dinner was very reasonable and they treated us really well. Added bonus: at the end of the night they gave each of us a $25 gift card to be used on a future meal. Smart move.

Nice. Andrew. Do you have your contact. I’ve been trying to get my shit together to organize something and like the idea of them tailoring a menu to the wine. And place is just 10 minutes walk from my place.

03 CdT is the WOTN? that really is surprising… nice line up tho!!

I have had very good luck with a case of '06 mixed red burgundy, most recently the Trapet Latriciere. The vintage had a reputation for ‘moissisure’, and I bought them very cheap, but I have not tasted a hint of mold yet.

I am not surprised the 2003 was so good. My 2003 Truchots are wonderful right now. May be a MSD thing.

Just saw this Mark. I didn’t set up the dinner, but I think if you contact the restaurant and tell them what you have in mind they’ll connect you with the somm and/or chef.