Burgundy estates that are excellent in both colours?

There are just a few estates that are excellent in both colours! Two very different jobs?


Maybe this is a cheat, but Leroy / D’Auvenay, both mme Leroy, but one is what I consider her Pinot Noir domaine and the other the Chardonnay domaine… and besides DRC mentioned above, I could not think of much else. Or are there others maybe…

Coche? True Coche’s village reds are actually enjoyable for their level, but that’s it. No Coche red that can compete with the big boys.

Lucien Le Moine? I had a tasting of Lucien Le Moine recently. His reds are fabulous and I have tasted some very exceptional Montrachet as well from Le Moine. From hear-say his Perrieres is also stunning.

Faiveley? Had some amazing 2010 reds and their 2010 Corton Charlemagne is quite nice actually as well. That said, some of their Meursaults were less spectacular.

What about Henri Boillot?

Last, but not least: Laurent Ponsot? I think his reds need no further comments, they speak for themselves. Superb wines. But his Montrachet apparently is stunning as well (I have not yet opened my bottle of Ponsot Montrachet, so my comment is from hear-say only).

de Montille
Bouchard? (if considering negociants, though the wines are too often marked by wood)
Pousse d’Or?

From the Rosenthal portfolio:
Jean-Marc Morey
Henri Prudhon


In addition to the above:

Henri Boillot
Jean Marc Boillot
Chandon des Briailles
Pierre Morey
Fontaine Gagnard

Probably a number more producers. Think guys around Meursault/Volnay and Aloxe Corton.

When you think about it, it really makes you appreciate Haut Brion.

Heck, forget about Burgundy, how about ALL of France?

In the Northern Rhone, I never particularly cared for Guigal Condrieu or Chave Blanc.

Beaucastel? I don’t think I’ve ever had their Blanc, so I can’t say.

In all of France, at the very highest levels, off the top of my head: HB, and DRC, and I guess maybe Edmond Vatan in the Loire*.

Maybe DP, if you consider DP Rose to be a different color of champagne.

And that’s about it.

EDIT: I’ve also never had the De Vogue Musigny Blanc, so I can’t say there either [and didn’t they just replant within the last ten years or so?].

*I also have a real soft spot for the wines of the Puzelat brothers, but that’s getting a little off the beaten path - there can’t be much more than a handful of people in the entire wine drinking world who know that Pineau d’Aunis is Chenin Noir.

Wait a minute! Let’s talk about the LAW. I believe the appellations in Burgundy require that Pinot Noir ONLY can be grown in the red wine sites. So if you own a plot in Chambertin, you cannot just decide to make a white wine (maybe you could legally call it “Bourgogne Blanc” though?). Musigny Blanc is a special case, I think, and maybe that was grandfathered in when the laws were set up.

Nor can you plant Syrah, or Granache, or Cabernet there! It’s the LAW. Or the “Louu…”, as Inspector Closseau would say! :slight_smile:

Now, if you are a negociant, then 1) you probably aren’t “making” any wine yourself to start with, and 2) you can easily source wine or grapes from sites where white grapes ARE allowed (and in those vineyards, red grapes probably aren’t allowed).

Completely agree on some already mentioned, but especially Bitouzet-Prieur, just absolutely killer in both red and white, as well as Chandon de Briailles.

When you start to break it down, you’re really talking about CdB producers, because the opportunity to do both on the CdN is very limited, but also very niche. So describing de Vogue as excelling in both is kind of a one-off. But in that vein, I would add Vougeraie, whose Clos de Blanc is remarkable.

Most of the CdN heavies do not own vines in the CdB, but Bruno Clair is a notable exception, and his Corton Charlie, Pernand Blanc and Marsannay Blanc are all delish.

Other producers I would add are:

Remi Rollin
Hubert Lamy
Comtes Lafon
Bruno Clair
Henri Boillot

As for the rest of France, I’d add:

Clos Rougeard
Clos Roche Blanche
Chateau Simone

Others, I am missing, surely, but just a few to get the juices flowing.

P.S. Chave 85 Blanc is one of the most remarkable wines I have ever had.

Domaine Paul Pillot makes nice examples of both

I think it has as much to do with geography as skill.

de Montille


Domaine Georges Roumier


Only DRC and Leroy make great wines in both.

Faiveley and Roumier make good C/C’s, but not what I would class as great (I like Roumiers a bit more though).

Drouhin Marquis Laguiche almost gets them across the line, except perhaps for the severe premox issues in recent years…

Lafon, Boillot and Ramonet make decent, if not somewhat variable reds, some Lafons have ben nice, but nothing truly great.

Leflaive is also producing more reds now, but nothing of significance from what I have had so far…

Bichot also makes some very decent wines in both now…

Still never had a Bouchard or Jadot in either form that I would consider as great.

J-M Pillot

agree with many recommendations above. I’ll add one under “the rest of France” category.
Gerard Gauby

A domaine that only has grand cru land. A white Burgundy from the 9.5 hectares the estate owns in Corton Charlemagne and a red Burgundy from 1.5 hectares owned in the Corton vineyard. Is Bonneau du Martray making excellent Burgundy in both colours?