Burgundy 2023 growing season

I just periodically check in on the weather forcasts for a couple of villages, I have no inside information, so I was hoping that someone could chime in on how things are looking so far? Seems like there wasnt much spring frost and so far no huge heat spikes, although looks like there has been more rain these past few weeks than usual?

No clue how good it was considered up until yesterday but looks like some serious hail hit Meursault and perhaps some other villages with localised heavy damage to the fruit.

Thibaud Clerget has some stories on instagram if anyone uses that channel of time-wasting.

Edit: some more information here.


Meursault and surrounding villages were hit hard… Reports and pictures coming in of golf ball-sized hail and some very destroyed grape bunches.


I feel it was a mistake for Europe to adopt the larger American golf ball in 1990. These hailstorms are worse for it now.


The hail storm in question (there were others in the Côte de Nuits) started in Rochepot, came down the combe of Saint Aubin, then veered into Meursault before heading into the plain. There are parts of Meursault, especially what one might call south-central Meursault, with a reasonable amount of damage, maybe up to 30% in places. Parts of Saint-Aubin also suffered. But it’s not as bad as one might have feared, the vines will bounce back, and dry, warm and windy weather now will help dry out the impacted berries. My parcel in southern Beaune, for example, was hit to the extent of perhaps 1-3% - which the 35mm of water we got with the hail will largely compensate for.



When I was in Burgundy in early June, producers I spoke with were concerned about a lack of rain at that time. Did this storm (or other storms) help with regard to that more generally in Burgundy?

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Nothing is ever perfect in farming, but so far this year we have plenty of water in Burgundy. We’re getting just enough just when we need it. Preferably, however, it won’t be delivered “on the rocks”.


When is harvest expected this year? I’m going to be in Beaune in early/mid October for a week, and was hoping that things would have started to slow down by then…


Bulk of the action should be 5-20 Sept at the time of writing.


We got another 25 mm in Beaune last night… definitely looking good with regards to water at this stage!


Some major weather events are forecasted for Monday-Wednesday in South Europe moving into more Central parts.

Let’s hope France gets spared but it looks like Bordeaux might be on the edge if the graphic is to be believed.

More here.

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Maybe will cool things down?


Generally or in burgundy specifically? I don’t think burgundy is in need of cooling down this season, no? At least looking at it for the past couple of weeks the temperature seems to have stayed within 24-28 degrees Celsius which is one of the cooler years in recent history.

I meant Europe in general.

Yeah, we just had another 15mm or so of rain today, with temps in the mid-20s during the day for the rest of the week.

If we can get through to the finish line without succumbing to the various disease pressures, we could have something rather special on our hands.


Any updates? Seems like there’s been no shortage of rain…

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Mildiou seems to have hit the Bordelais quite seriously this year but I’ve read that it looked like Burgundy wasn’t under the same duress and would be able to handle it properly. Anybody has more insight into this?

Yeah, lots of rain but temperatures are still nice from what I’m seeing. Next week it’s going to be very sunny and 30+ degrees, nice boost. But so far haven’t seen anyone say at what stage the grapes are at and should we hope for temperate conditions or full-on sun blasting.

The few growers I follow are setting their harvest times between 13 of September to 20ish.

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We are at late véraison at this stage.

The summer has been temperate and on the wet side thus far, but for the last few days we have been hitting the low 30s Centigrade, and that is set to continue through early next week before things cool off.

Some rain is forecast over the next couple of days, and how much we get will be critical: too much, and berries may burst, opening the door to botrytis. But, harvest will be getting started in just over three weeks, so there is not long to go now!

Tasting a few berries here and there, what is remarkable is that, at least in well farmed parcels, there is already next to zero in terms of herbaceous flavors, on the contrary, there is already sweet fruit, and the pips already show signs of coloring up. In 2022, at the same stage, everything was blocked due to lack of water and the fruit was very pulpy with green pips.


Any update from feet on the ground?
From my far-away forecast it appears that the heat spike is over and cooler weather ahead. With continued chances of rain off and on the next couple of weeks I was wondering if harvest forecasts have been pushed back significantly.

(We’ll be there beginning the 5th.)

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