Burghunter -- 2005 Pavelot Savigny premier crus at $30

Premier Cru has plenty of the 2005 Pavelot Savigny Guettes and Peuillets for $30 a bottle. I had held off on this because of the well-known doubts about PC’s delivery times, but it’s now saying that the wine is in transit and expected in on September 23rd so you can actually get your wine quickly. Now that regular Bourgognes from good producers are creeping up over $20 this seems like a good deal for a premier cru from one of the best Savigny producers in a top vintage.

I bought a couple each of the Aux Guettes and Peuillets a few years ago from Chambers St for about the same prices and remembered liking them, but I haven’t tried any recently (figuring most '05s are not in a good place right now). Anyone try these recently? Worth reloading?