Burghound Vs. Inside Burgundy

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are all having a great Tuesday! I currently subscribe to Inside Burgundy, though was interested in also subscribing to Burghound. For those who subscribe to either or both, how do you like to content on either site and do you feel both are necessary?

Thank you all and enjoy the rest of your day!


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Jasper is the greatest!

Between him and William Kelley, thats all I need.


I only subscribe to wa, winehog and inside burg


I subscribe to Inside Burgundy and use Jasper and Neal as my main sources of Burgundy reviews. I dropped Burghound after a couple of years as I found his newsletters incredibly boring to read, and I can’t really tell what sort of palate he has (so couldn’t calibrate mine to his). I also got the sense BH reviews more strongly in accordance with ‘the hierarchy’ than the others.

I didn’t keep Wine Advocate after the free subscription, as it not being integrated into CT massively reduced its utility for me.


I think in terms of information on the producers they cover, inside Burugndy is excellent. The tasting notes are the best and most accurate representation of the wines. The website however is a complete disaster.

Bill Nanson’s Burgundy Report is the best source of information, we have discovered more new producers through him than any other source.


I like Burgundy Report as well :+1:


I share this assessment on all accounts.

One advantage of Bourghound though, is the apogee indication. JM/InsideBurgundy only started this more systematically from this year in my reading. W Kelley is quite reliable too.

What I personally look for is the spread between reviews, or rather, perhaps, the few and afar wines where they converge.

++ Burgundy Report.