Bulk Wine Transport

I have 2 pallets of wine that just landed from the UK in NYC. Anyone have any recos on refer transport down to ATL?

I contacted Vine Vault and they want almost $4/bottle, which seems extremely high for that quantity. I only paid $4/bottle for refer container over from the UK. I was hoping for something in the $1-2/bottle range.

You got a good deal on the refer, at least for these days. Shipping is a nightmare right now.

I have a good friend who might be able to help. I’m sending you a PM.

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Check with John Hall at Buckhead Wine Storage.

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Andrew, curious who you used to ship from
The UK to US?

I had a great experience and pricing from The Wine Movers transporting from NYC Metro area (Northern NJ) to Charlotte, NC.

Contact info below:

Barbara Zak
TWM Transport LLC
561-252-4348 - Direct
800-965-1488 – Toll Free
800-965-1488 - FAX

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Connoisseur International. Prices are variable and based on quantity but the latest was £35 per 9L case equivalent plus duty.

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It’s been a few years, but Garrison Transport used to do refrigerated trucks around the country. Might give them a call and see if they service Atlanta?

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Very helpful, thanks Andrew.

Just to update, I ended up going with The Wine Mover as the most cost effective and reliable option. I did get a much lower quote from uship.com, but this wine is too meaningful to trust to some random Joe, so I paid more for a trustworthy partner.

It was more than I had hoped to pay, but it seems that’s the going rate. It came out to under $3/bottle.


No because my pallets were small. Only 570 bottles total across 2 pallets. Many are OWC.

Sarah do you have any experience moving wine in bulk to PA? I still have a hundred or so cases in storage in LA that I’m a little tired of paying storage fees for.

Andrew - was DIY method worth it? Where do you find biggest delta between US and French pricing?

You’re supposed to get approval from the PLCB to move the wine.

Absolutely. At the higher end it’s no contest.

My non-legal advice would be to take a hard look at state sales tax laws before you import wine from the UK/EU (and definitely before you post about it on a public forum)


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