Buenos Aires Recommendations

Hi all,
Any recs for great food in Buenos Aires?

I loved this place:

But it has been several years since I was there.

Thanks Mark!

It’s been a number of years, but Oviedo and Fervor were both very good.


Wondering if anyone has any foodie updates? We’ve got one night in Buenos Aires on our way down to the colder climes to the south… would love to make the most of the one night in Buenos Aires.

I did go to a wonderful inexpensive parrilla. They don’t speak a lot of English but they were very friendly. It is not super fancy. Cash only. Parrilla Pena. Super delicious. For upscale with better wine list, I like Don Julio. Some will say it is “touristy” but the food is excellent and the wine list is one of the very best.

For fine dining I really can’t be a lot of help. We had a wonderful meal at La Bourgogne at the Alvear Palace (expensive too) but we were staying there. We didn’t venture out for a fine dining meal.

unfortunately I didn’t get to any of the closed door restaurants, but for classic Porteno steaks I would do Don Julio. Uco and La Malbequeria also treated me wonderfully.

PM Michael O’Brien. He’s been recently and hit some Underground / Closed Door restaurants of note. I don’t recall which ones.