Bubbly for bellinis and mimosas

My wife is a fan of bellinis and mimosas, I am not. I need a bubbly that can be used for those but that is also good enough for me to sip on straight. Any suggestions of bottles in the sub $20 range for this?

Since I’m a fan of dry sparkling i think cava can fill the role here try juve y camps, Bohigas, segura viudas or dibon. I use it for Aperol spritz or any other cocktail that requires sparkling wine, good luck.

Dom Baud Cremant de Jura? Guessing US price is in the budget.

+1 for segura viudas, perfect mimosa bubbly

Kirkland Signature Champagne N.V.

Personally I’d say that’s overpriced for mimosas and not good enough to sip. But I just don’t think there’s bubbles under $20 worth drinking.

Tough category. I’d go for something from Le Vigne di Alice. Some of the cuvees are below/around your price point.

Lots of cremants de Bourgogne fit the bill

Some good stuff in Alsace for 20-30

If you can find Roederer estate on sale it would be right around $20. Recently had Graham Beck from South Africa that was solid and sub $20.

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Piper Sonoma Blanc de Blancs or Gloria Ferrer are my usuals if I don’t opt for whatever Prosecco is on sale at the market.

I sipped thru a bottle of Rondel Gold Brut Cava on a hot Sunday recently. It was ok although a bit plain. Probably would be as good as any Prosecco such as LaMarca for Bellinis.

Thanks for the suggestions, I will look for some of those this week. The only ones mentioned that I have tried are the Roederer Estate and Lamarca. The Roederer was ok if i remember correctly, but I did not care for the Lamarca. I will need to find someone with a Costco membership to take me shopping for their bubbly.

Go for some cremant from the Loire. Used to be dirt cheap, now about $16-20. Really good quality for the money from Childane. The best things about these is that they are sold as generally quite dry. When you are mixing these with sweet juices, it tends to make a less tooth rattling sweet drink. They are also fine on their own. Also great for a casual sparkling where you don’t want to drop $60.00 a bottle for a good champagne.

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Spelling correction Chidaine…It is 8AM on a Monday…

I think that is the more restrictive condition. Most stuff that is not too sweet or oxidative works on a Bellini or mimosa.

Bubbles around 20$ that you can sip:
Patric Piuze Non Dosé
Barmès-Buecher Crémant d’Alsace
Domaine Maire Crémant du Jura
Raventos I Blanc Cava
Valentin Zusslin Crémant d’Alsace Brut zéro
Bailly-Lapierre Vive-la-Joie
Mestres 1312 Cava (probably the best “mixer” but not the best “sipper”)
Zymé Metodo Classico

I would use any in a drink and drink the rest neat if need be…

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Any cheap Prosecco. Nobody can taste it one you dump in the juice, IMHO.

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I love Loire bubbles, but think the Chenin character is often pretty evident. Personally I would use a good straightforward cava like Castellroig or Raventos i Blanc. I don’t find those hard to sip.

Are you in control of the bar? Two different bottles . . .