Brunello in Chicago

I’ve been really wanting to try out this place and seems like a great place for an offline:

So rallying up interest for a Brunello dinner there. No date in mind yet, but probably midweek.

Going to say 4 minimum, max 6 (as beyond that it’s a group reservation).

Sing away if interested.

I’d like to join you, Clayton.

Responding as a maybe…my schedule has been wacky lately.

Will have to source some Brunello…I own exactly zero bottles. I long for the days when you could run over to HdH and grab nicely aged wines at retail, often for a song.

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I’m definitely interested.

OK… well theoretically that’s a 4 person quorum if we can agree on a date. Let’s see of anyone else weighs in.

Im’m thinking on a pair of friary traditionalist 1997s:
Canalicchio di Sopra Normale and Riserva

Definitely in - I also live 2 blocks away. It’s a fantastic restaurant and once we plan a date I can talk to the owner/chef a few days beforehand for some special items.

Awesome! I’ll send out an email so we can lock in a date

Resurrecting an old thread. Did you guys ever go to the place? If so, how was it? What is their corkage policy?

I would like to try them and also add them to the BYOB Chicago list with their corkage policy.

Actually no not yet… thanks for reminding me… I’ll get an email out. Interested in joining?

Hi Clayton,

Please loop me in as well, though my availability is limited. (I know 11/4 works for me fwiw.)


Hey Clayton,

I’d be interested in joining as well!

I joined WB today, so I’d love to start meeting folks for offlines.