British Pinot Study Justifies A large price increase on Pinot!

A major British study shows that a few glasses of Pinot might lower your risk of contracting Covid.

We will be increasing prices of all wines made from Pinot grapes by 50%!
Or any vineyard that is near to a Pinot vineyard. (This is me joking )

First, people who don’t drink at all had a higher risk of getting Covid-19 than people who drink.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about the study is that beer and cider drinkers have a higher risk of Covid-19 starting at just one glass per week; the risk is 28 percent higher at five or more glasses per week. That is most likely due to lifestyle correlation factors, but it’s still not something Anheuser-Busch InBev will be promoting.

Composed with Levity
A British study done by a Chinese institute.

So. people who drink Pinot Noir exclusively don’t get out much and people who drink beer and cider hang out at pubs and yell spittle into each others faces?