Bright ideas for earthquake-proof wine glass storage?

Greetings. I have been looking around for earthquake-safe wine glass storage ideas for kitchen or dining room. Right now I have the whole lot of them standing up or dangling down in a cupboard, and I fear I could lose them all in a quake (in Wellington, not Rome). I was hoping to find drawers, or lined/padded drawer inserts, but don’t see anything like that. What do you who live in earthquake-prone areas do?
Cheers, Barbara

I bought netting that I plan(ned) to secure over bin openings, but so far all I’ve done is buy the netting . . .

Farragamo make a six glass briefcase ?

Keep them in the boxes they were purchased/shipped in.

Rubber bands for bottles. Glasses? Dunno…

Being an ex-Wellingtonian, I keep all mine in their original packaging…you cannot see them but I have never lost one in a quake.

From very recent experience, no wine glasses in their original boxes were broken, nor were any glasses hanging in racks on the back bar.

The hanging glasses may have survived because of the directional relationship with the ground movement, the floating floor and over-sized pad between the floating wood floor and slab. It is interesting to note that glasses sitting on the shelf above the two shelves of hanging glasses did not move while all glasses and decanters on the counter under the hanging glasses wound up on the floor broken.

Why not keep just a few glasses out, where you normally store them and they are convenient for everyday use. Then put the rest away in boxes where they can’t fall off too far and break. Living in the Bay Area, I’m certainly worried about a big earthquake, but in the end it’s just not practical to protect everything against the worst case possibility.

If we have an earthquake, there are going to be dishes and glasses broken on the kitchen floor, that’s just unavoidable unless you want to strap everything down and go through the trouble of getting at it every day. I have taller book cases and hutches strapped to the wall, pictures hung fairly securely, but there’s plenty of stuff that’s going to fall off and break if we have a major quake - though you’d be surprised stable some things can be, it all depends on how things shake.

Protect anything of great value, and stop worrying about things you can easily replace.

Thanks, all. I guess I will go with packaging, although doubt if I have anything original. Maybe the moving company’s boxes will do. Very interesting about the survival of the hanging glasses…

I use this. Fairly space efficient and easy to hide in a closet or cupboard.