Brief TN 2007 Bodegas Nido Clio

Woody. A bit harsh but some fruit as well. Not bad for $20. Not $40. 84 points

Ouch…hate to hear that as I truly loved the '04 & '05 Clio.

Me three…Greg what did you think of 04 and 05?

I thought the 04 was way too big for me. But that’s me. If you like Saxum you should like this style. The 05 I did not try.

In the interest of education I took a sip this am. It was open 4-5 hours yesterday but the extra time has helped. It much more open and fruit forward. The harshness has subsided though there is still too much wood for me. Better but still nothing that I would go get more of

Well, me and Berto do like us some Saxum.

A little bit :wink:

I am a big fan of Clio (I prefer El Nido but my wallet balks). I recently tasted the '06 and '07 side by side and found the '06 to be more integrated and further evolved; quite nice. The '07 was very primal; a huge fruit bomb. That being said, I think the '07 will develop into an excellent wine, as all the earlier vintages of Clio (2001-2005) have pretty much started the same way and they turned out to be excellent wines.

I haven’t tried any of the 07s (Clio, El Nido) in bottle yet. But here’s something I wrote from barrel tasting at El Nido back in June:

The first barrel we tasted was 2007 Monestrell. The 2007 vintage was difficult in Jumilla (and most of Spain in general) as it was hard to get fruit ripe. The 2007 reflected this a bit as it wasn’t as big as any of the previous 3 vintages. But it was still packed with fruit. For those of you that like to wait a while to open your El Nido/Clio, 2007 will provide pop and pour wines that will come pre-tamed.

My plan is to buy more 05 and 06 that are still available, skip 07, and go HUGE on 08. I thought the 08s in barrel were AMAZING - and the Gil’s who make Clio and El Nido (with Chris Ringland consulting) said they thought 08 was as good or better than 05.

Thnks for the tip Brian. I kind of skipped the 06 Clio and almost forgot about the 07, ended up up getting a couple of bottles. Sounds like I need to squirrel away some wine buying dollars for next October.