Brief Observations: Turley Wine Dinner (May 18, 2014)

Attended a dinner last Sunday that was one of the auction lots for the Nashville Wine Auction’s “Pairings” event this past February…this was the highest grossing lot. The food was prepared by Josh Habiger and Randall Prudden of Pinewood Social. Josh was previously with The Catbird Seat here in Nashville.

The Turley wines ranged from 2002-2010…all were opened 2-3 hours in advance and we decanted a couple where the corks gave us some problems, but fortunately no corked bottles. I did not take notes as I was more focused on the guests, but wanted to at least post the menu/pairings and highlight my favorites.

First Course - Salad of Spring Pea & Bergamot with 2002 Juvenile and 2011 Juvenile: I preferred the 2002. Had a nice smokiness to it. A friend told me long ago that he waits a minimum of seven years before drinking Turley…he may be on to something.

Second Course - Red Bell Pepper Soup with Coffee and Anise with 2003 Old Vines: A little pruney; black licorice.

Third Course - Red Wine Braised Monkish with Black Rice and Onion with 2007 Old Vines and 2009 Old Vines: Strong preference for the 2007 here. 2009 was not a bad bottle, just the 2007 tasting much better.

Fourth Course - Roasted Duck Breast with Grilled Asparagus and Cinnamon-Smoked Yogurt Agnolotti with 2005 Ueberroth and 2006 Pesenti: Loved the Ueberroth.

Fifth Course - Beef Cheeks, Beet, Black Truffle with 2008 Moore Earthquake and 2004 Tofanelli (from magnum): Moore won this round.

Sixth Course - Manchego Gnocchi with Tomato Broth, Paprika and Crouton with 2004 Dragon and 2010 Cedarman: Ode to the Dragon.

Dessert - Butterscotch Pot de Creme with Rhubarb and Peanut and Chocolate Sponge Cake with Buttermilk Ice Cream with 2004 d’Yquem, Taylor Fladgate 20 Year Port and 2010 Pesenti Petite Syrah: My first time trying d’Yquem…was expecting a bit more…the Petite Syrah was just okay…we decanted 4-5 hours previously, but still way too early.

Thank you for posting.

I’m wondering if others have experience with aging Turley Zins? I’ve usually drunk them within about 3-4 years of acquisition…

This has come up a surprising number of times, with some suggesting is depends on the vintage as there was a change in the winemaking sometime in the past decade? In either case, I prefer them young myself, short of the Petite Syrah.