Briceland Vineyards Offer: UPDATE IN LAST POST Four 3pks - Mix & Match Build a Case or 6pk

Fellow Berserkers!

I have held my offer open until THURS at 12N to give people a chance to take a second look and see if they want to add to what is already a bloodbath for your credit cards. Like they say, in for a penny, in for a pound.

Besides, there still might be a few people out there who are just now hearing about Berserkers Day.

Thanks for checking out our offers. I love being part of the Wine Berserkers community and I look forward to hearing your feedback as you taste the wines. The offers reflect around 30% savings from winery retail.

Our winemaking efforts focus on allowing the traits of the individual sites shine through. We strive to make expressive, honest, food-friendly wines that reflect balance and purity of fruit. In other words, as the winemaker, I try to make wines that I also like to drink.

Below these offers find background our winery. Combine two 3 packs shipped at the same time and save $10 more. Combine four 3 packs shipped at the same time and save $20 more. If there is something not listed that you are interested in, let me know by email. I can send you our whole list and we can see what we can work out.

Offer #1 - Pinot 3 Pack:
13 Humboldt Pinot Noir
12 Ronda’s Vineyard Humboldt Pinot Noir (limited availability)
13 Phelps Vineyard Humboldt Pinot Noir
$95 Including Shipping

Our Pinots tend to be on the red-fruited side of the spectrum. We aim to produce well-balanced, site-driven wines expressing depth and finesse. The Ronda’s is a beautiful wine that is ready to drink now, but which should age well a decade from vintage (or more). When the 2012 Ronda’s runs out, we will substitute the 2013 version or another Pinot at your preference.

Offer #2 - Red 3 Pack:
12 Dark Horse Vineyard Mendocino Syrah
13 Humboldt Pinot Noir
12 Dark Horse Vineyard Mendocino Zinfandel
$85 Including Shipping

Dark Horse Vineyard in Mendocino County (directly south of Humboldt) is owned and farmed by the Dolan family, pioneers of the organic and sustainable farming movements. The grapes we source from this vineyard tend to be a bit darker fruited and produces wine with very nice acidity.

Offer #3 - White/Rosé 3 Pack:
13 Humboldt Chardonnay
13 Humboldt Sauvignon Blanc
NV Humboldt Rosé of Pinot Noir
$75 Including Shipping

Our white wines do not see any oak and are aged in stainless steel tanks. We pick based on flavor ripeness and Humboldt weather preserves plenty of acid in our wines. The rosé of Pinot Noir is crisp with just a hint of red fruits.

Offer #4 - Humboldt BDX Pack:
These are sourced from Ishi Pishi Ranch near Orleans in North Eastern Humboldt County.
12 Humboldt Petit Verdot* (Alc. 13.4%)
12 Humboldt Cabernet Sauvignon* (Alc. 12.7%)
12 Humboldt Noir D’Orleans * (Alc. 13.1%)
$105 Including Shipping

  • These wines are in barrel and will be bottled and ready to ship by April 15.

The wines offered as part of the Bordeaux package have been in barrel for over two years. I’ve been tempted to bottle earlier, but the flavors just keep improving. This is our first year sourcing these varieties and we could not be happier with the results.

Thanks for checking out our offer and reading about our winery.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Andrew Morris, Winemaker

PS. Anyone looking to visit the scenic Lost Coast or Redwood Parks/Avenue of the Giants, please consider dropping by. We are located about 4 hours north from the Bay Area and we are more than happy to see visitors. I promise to make it worthwhile for any guest that mentions Berserkers.

To place your order: email to -
Please include your selection, shipping address, billing address if different and PHONE NUMBER. If you can have your order shipped to a business address, please do so, as it saves me some on the shipping expense. I will call to take your CC over the phone. Or, send the requested details and call: (707) 923-2429. If you prefer to call in your order, I am more than happy to hear from you. Also, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

*** CA customers - Ask about a “local” shipping rebate ***

About Briceland Vineyards

Briceland Vineyards has been producing wine in Southern Humboldt County since 1985. Joe Collins, my step-father who started the winery with my mother Maggie, started researching the viability of planting grapes in our area with a small experimental vineyard in the late 70’s and he is widely credited with establishing commercial wine-growing in our area.

Maggie & Joe built the winery up slowly over 20+ years, gradually increasing production as more local vineyards came online. About 70% of our production is from Humboldt County grapes, almost all of which are farmed organically in tiny hillside vineyards. The remaining 30% is from Mendocino and Lake Counties. We take pride in supporting our local community and our community has supported us as well – over 90% of our wine sell within 75 miles of the winery without the aid of brokers or distributors.

Briceland Vineyards has long been a proponent of organic farming. All of the grapes used to make the wines offered above have been farmed organically except for a portion of the grapes in the Humboldt Pinot Noir and the Rosé of Pinot Noir. Some of the vineyards that we work with are so small that they no longer maintain the certification, but they continue to farm organically.

I haven’t sent our wines to many reviewers because we tend to sell out pretty quickly. The best place to read reviews in on our reviews is on I am pleased that we have had wines on the All American Lists each of the last 4 years. All our wines that the Prince has reviewed can be found here:

Posts about our wines by Berserkers can be seen in these threads:

Our wines were introduced to Berserkers here, blind, thanks to Jason Hagen:

Or if you want to sift through all posts about Briceland:

Tasting notes on Cellar Tracker can be seen here:

If you’re interested in learning more about Humboldt County terroir: More wine reviews/tasting notes/awards can be found here: Drag over the wine and the review pops up.

First order in. [welldone.gif]

My order is in as well.

Order in, excited for the 2013s!

E-mail sent! So much to choose from!

Andrew – if you happen to read this can you tell me what grapes are in the Noir D’Orleans?


[thankyou.gif] for your orders so far! I can feel the support from the subscribers!

The Noir D’Orleans is composed of Petite Verdot 30%, Merlot 47%, Cabernet 18%, Malbec 5% and Cab Franc 2%.

As you may know, 30% is A LOT of PV, so there is no way to confuse this with a Merlot.

I did also make a Merlot from the same Ishi Pishi Ranch site in 2012 that is being bottled on the same schedule. I love it, but there are too many wines and Merlot is so UN-COOL that I thought I should not put in my offer.

I would love offer #1. Any way to package in some Arneis? I’ll shoot you a PM.

Andrew, have you received my emails? Haven’t heard back yet, wasn’t sure whether you are processing these on Monday.

First BD purchase - love the mix and match option and appreciate the help via PM Andrew.

Hi Peter,

Yes, I have your 6 pk order. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I had the silly idea that I’d be getting work done on labels and compliance reports today. newhere

Is tomorrow in the am a good time to connect on your cc details?

Thanks for giving us a shot. We won’t let you down.

Hi Chad,

Glad you liked the Arneis. Let me know what you think of this batch.


My pleasure. I am glad the mix and match was good. I was afraid that too many options would make it hard for people.

I am honored that you trust us (and what the nice people here say about us) enough to have Briceland be your first Berserker order. I look forward to your feedback on our Arneis and Rosé of Pinot Noir.

Too many options? The way to beat that conundrum is just to order a bit of almost everything (or at least that’s what it felt like as I was cutting and pasting my order into the e-mail). :wink:

In for #2 and #4. Sent you an email.

I’m doubtful Andrew has much wine left after Preview Day (with the Subscribers doing early purchases) but let’s give it a try!

Thanks Todd!

Thanks to all the subscribers for their support yesterday. A great day!

I am here, if anyone has questions. If you want to reach me by phone: 707 923-2429

Andrew, which 3pks are still available?

All of them. Depending on when each order comes in, some might get 2014 Arneis instead of 13 and/or 2013 Ronda’s Vineyard Pinot instead of 12, but other than that stocks are still OK.

Famous last words, I know pileon

FWIW, for anyone who is dithering on what to order I highly recommend grabbing at least the #1 pack while the 2012 Ronda’s is available. I’ve had a lot of Andrew’ s wines and the Ronda’s Pinot is my favorite and it should get even better with time.

While I haven’t had the BDX varieties on offer, I tasted the Merlot from the barrel and the flavors were delicious and pure, so much so that I’ve been asking him when it would be bottled for the past year and a half (no joke).

Took the #2 offer, looks like a good introduction to this producer…