Briceland Vineyards Fall Offer - First CC post in many years

Below is the message which was sent a couple of days ago. For those of you who have seen our Briceland thread Briceland Wines anything and everything - TN: Briceland 2020 Sauvignon Blanc - terrific sorry for the double post as Brig has shared the offer there. If you are new to us, please include shipping address and phone with your selections in your email. Cheers!

Greetings from Briceland Vineyards in sunny Southern Humboldt County, California. I hope that this message finds you well and in good spirits.

On a personal level, things are well. My wife Rosie and I are in good health and good spirits as we seem to be past the worst of the Covid crisis. She takes the lead in tending to our organic vegetable garden, while I’m the one who cares for the chickens and prepares dinner. Our daughter Stella is doing great. She just started her junior year at UC Berkeley and as parents, we couldn’t be more proud.

Some of you may have heard that this harvest season is presenting some challenges. If truth be told, “challenges” is an understatement. Here’s our update: things looks grim from a production point of view. Briceland won’t be producing wine from our Mendocino vineyards due to frost and drought issues. So, for 2022, there will be no Arneis from Sprit Canyon and no Zinfandel or Syrah from Dark Horse. The frost issue has impacted several other vineyards nearly wiping out crops on those site. Overall, production will be less than 50% of normal. On a more positive note, it looks like we have made it through another year without a major fire close by and with enough water in storage, so the fruit that we harvested this year should eventually make lovely wines, provided that the winemaker doesn’t screw it up.

On the wine front, we have a good variety of wines to offer. Some of these wines were allocated to restaurants which have gone out of business, some were bottled as shiners and now are just getting their labels. In any case, there are plenty to choose from and some new offers which might interest you. I know that many of you enjoy wines with some bottle age, so I dug around the cellar to find some library wines that we can offer. Those which are in low supply are marked with and asterisk, to indicate limited availability.

Your past support means a lot to us. I have taken the liberty of adding your email to our list based on your previous order. If you’d like to not receive emails in the future, please let me know or change your preferences at the bottom of this message.

Offer: 15% off 6 or 25% off 12 with shipping at the actual discounted FedEx rate plus $5 for the shipper. (My cost.)

If you have any questions about the wines, I am happy to chat. Email or phone, whatever works. I love talking about wine almost as much as I like drinking it.

My family and I thank you for your ongoing support and for your previous purchase. I look forward to hearing from you.

With warm regards from Humboldt County,

Andrew Morris,


Briceland Vineyards

707 923-2429 W 707 358-0461 C

5959 Briceland Road

Redway, Ca 95560

To order, send your selections to with your phone number. I will be in touch by email and or phone for your payment and shipping timing.

Please find my current list below.

Whites & Sparkling:

2020 HUMBOLDT GEWURZTRAMINER, Ishi Pishi Ranch $25 Organically Grown Grapes • 63 cases • 13.2% abv

2021 HUMBOLDT SAUVIGNON BLANC • 157 cases • 13.6% abv $23

2021 HUMBOLDT VIOGNIER, Ishi Pishi Ranch • 13.6% abv $30 Organically Grown Grapes • 63 cases

2020 HUMBOLDT CHARDONNAY $27 Organically Grown Grapes • 112 cases • 13.6% abv

*2016 HUMBOLDT CHARDONNAY, Ronda’s Reserve $31 Organically Grown Grapes • 84 cases • 12.9% abv

2020 MENDOCINO ARNEIS, Spirit Canyon Vineyard • 74 cases • 13.6% abv $24

2020 HUMBOLDT SPARKLING ROSE PET NAT d’ORLEANS $27 Organically Grown Grapes • 74 cases • 13.6% abv • No added sulfites

*2017 HUMBOLDT SPARKLING ROSE PET NAT d’ORLEANS $26 Organically Grown Grapes • 74 cases • 12.4% abv • No added sulfites


2017 HUMBOLDT PINOT NOIR, Ronda’s Vineyard • 117 cases • 12.9% abv $39 Organically Grown Grapes

2018 MENDOCINO RESERVE TEMPRANILLO $33 Organically Grown Grapes • 72 cases • 13.6% abv

2018 HUMBOLDT SANGIOVESE, Ishi Pishi Ranch $28 Organically Grown Grapes • 71 cases • 13.6% abv

NV NOIR D’ORLEANS, Ishi Pishi Ranch, Humboldt County (New Batch) $33 Organically Grown Grapes • 256 cases produced • 13.3% abv

*2016 HUMBOLDT PINOT NOIR, Ronda’s Vineyard • 139 cases • 13.6% abv $39 Organically Grown Grapes

*2016 HUMBOLDT PINOT NOIR, Phelps Vineyard • 73 cases • 13.1% abv $39

2019 HUMBOLDT PINOT NOIR, Appellation Blend • 157 cases • 13.6% abv $33

*2013 HUMBOLDT PINOT NOIR, Reserve • 38 cases • 12.5% abv $48

2018 MENDOCINO SYRAH, Dark Horse Vineyard $28 Organically Grown Grapes • 117 cases • 13.6% abv

2017 HUMBOLDT ZINFANDEL, Ishi Pishi Ranch $28 Organically Grown Grapes • 96 cases • 12.3% abv

2018 MENDOCINO ZINFANDEL, Dark Horse Vineyard $28 Organically Grown Grapes • 162 cases • 13.5% abv

*2013 HUMBOLDT PETIT VERDOT, Ishi Pishi Ranch $50 Organically Grown Grapes • 52 cases • 13.4% abv

*2014 HUMBOLDT PETIT VERDOT, Ishi Pishi Ranch $50 Organically Grown Grapes • 54 cases • 12.7% abv

2015 HUMBOLDT PETIT VERDOT, Ishi Pishi Ranch $50 Organically Grown Grapes • 113 cases • 13.2% abv

  • Limited availability

Sorry, for those who are not yet familiar with our style and specific wines. I will be back to describe a few wines as I have have time.


Great offer and thank you! I am happy to be able to reload on the Petit Verdot plus try out a couple of new bottlings.

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