Briceland Vineyards • 30-40% off Humboldt Pinots, BXD and More...

Greetings Fellow Berserkers, long time Lurkers and new Visitors!

Thanks for checking out our offers. I love being part of the Wine Berserkers community and I look forward to hearing your feedback as you taste the wines. This is a great chance for us to connect our tiny, out of the way Southern Humboldt Winery with wine enthusiasts far and wide. Yes, things besides redwoods do grow here. [berserker.gif]

Our winemaking efforts focus on allowing the traits of the individual sites shine through. We strive to make expressive, honest, food-friendly wines that reflect balance and purity of fruit. In other words, as the winemaker, I try to make the kind of wine that I like to drink.

Below the offers find some background our winery. If you’d like more info, please feel free to reach out to me: or 707 923-2429

All 6 pack offers have flat rate $15 shipping. Shipping on case orders is no charge.

Pricing is based on 30-40% off winery retail

5 Pinots and a Zin! (Offer #1) • $171
2012 Reserve Humboldt Pinot Noir (Alc. 13.7%)
2013 Humboldt Pinot Noir, Alderpoint Vineyard (Alc. 13.3%)
2013 Humboldt Pinot Noir, Phelps Vineyard (Alc. 13.5%)
2013 Humboldt Pinot Noir, Ronda’s Vineyard (Alc. 13.6%)
2014 Humboldt Pinot Noir (Alc. 13.1%)
2013 Humboldt Zinfandel, Ishi Pishi Ranch (Alc. 13.4%)

The Vineyards • 2 Each of 3 Single Vineyard Humboldt Pinot Noirs (Offer #2) • $167
2 2013 Humboldt Pinot Noir, Alderpoint Vineyard (Alc. 13.3%)
2 2013 Humboldt Pinot Noir, Phelps Vineyard (Alc. 13.5%)
2 2013 Humboldt Pinot Noir, Ronda’s Vineyard (Alc. 13.6%)

Humboldt BDX Special (Offer #3) • $215
2 2012 Humboldt Petit Verdot, Ishi Pishi Ranch (Alc. 13.4%)
2 2012 Humboldt Cabernet Sauvignon, Ishi Pishi Ranch (Alc. 12.7%)
1 2012 Humboldt Noir d’Orleans, Ishi Pishi Ranch (Alc. 13.1%)
1 2012 Humboldt Merlot, Ishi Pishi Ranch (Alc. 13.2%)

Humboldt BDX Standard (No PV) • (Offer #4) • $162
2 2012 Humboldt Cabernet Sauvignon, Ishi Pishi Ranch (Alc. 12.7%)
2 2012 Humboldt Noir d’Orleans, Ishi Pishi Ranch (Alc. 13.1%)
2 2012 Humboldt Merlot, Ishi Pishi Ranch (Alc. 13.2%)

Humboldt Red Daily Drinkers (Offer #5) • $133
2 2014 Humboldt Pinot Noir (Alc. 13.1%)
2 2013 Humboldt Zinfandel, Ishi Pishi Ranch (Alc. 13.4%)
2 2012 Humboldt Merlot, Ishi Pishi Ranch (Alc. 13.2%)

Red, White & Pink (Offer #6) • $120
2014 Humboldt Pinot Noir (Alc. 13.1%)
2013 Humboldt Zinfandel, Ishi Pishi Ranch (Alc. 13.4%)
NV Humboldt Rosé of Pinot Noir (Alc. 13.6%)
2014 Humboldt Chardonnay (Alc. 13.4%)
2014 Humboldt Pinot Gris (Alc. 13.6%)
2014 Humboldt Gewurztraminer, Ishi Pishi Ranch (Alc. 13.4%)

The County Next Door • Two X Three From Mendocino (Offer #7) • $120
2 2014 Mendocino Arneis, Spirit Canyon Vineyard (Alc. 13.1%)
2 2013 Mendocino Syrah, Dark Horse Vineyard (Alc. 13.8%)
2 2013 Mendocino Zinfandel, Dark Horse Vineyard (Alc. 13.5%)

To Place Your Order: email to -
Please include your selection, shipping address, billing address if different and PHONE NUMBER. If you can have your order shipped to a business address, please do so, as it saves me some on the shipping expense. I will be in touch to arrange payment. If you’d rather, send the requested details and call: (707) 923-2429. If you prefer to call in your order, I am more than happy to hear from you. Also, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks for checking out our offer and reading about our winery.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Andrew Morris, Winemaker

*** CA customers - Ask about a “local” shipping bonus ***

I haven’t sent our wines to many reviewers because we tend to keep supply and demand in balance as it stands. The best place to read reviews in on our reviews is on I am pleased that we have had wines on the All American Lists each of the last 5 years. All our wines that the Prince has reviewed can be found here: Link information for Briceland Vineyards | The PinotFile
He recently reviewed 3 wines here:

You can see our Cellar Tracker Reviews here:

Our wines have been well received by Berserkers. It is a lot to sort through, but here is a search:

If you’re interested in learning more about Humboldt County terroir: Humbolt County Terroir - Humboldt County

About Briceland Vineyards

Briceland Vineyards has been producing wine in Southern Humboldt County since 1985. My step-father Joe Collins started the winery with my mother Maggie Carey in 1985. They had begun researching the viability of planting grapes in our area with a small experimental vineyard in the late 70’s and Joe is widely credited with establishing commercial wine-growing in our area.

Maggie & Joe built the winery up slowly over 20+ years, gradually increasing production as more local vineyards came online. About 75% of our production is from Humboldt County grapes, almost all of which are farmed organically in tiny hillside vineyards. The remaining 25% is from Mendocino and Lake Counties. We take pride in supporting our local community and our community has supported us as well – over 90% of our wine sells within 75 miles of the winery without the aid of brokers or distributors.

Briceland Vineyards has long been a proponent of organic farming. Most of the grapes used to make the wines offered above have been farmed organically. Some of the vineyards that we work with are so small that they no longer maintain the certification, but they continue to farm organically. If you’d like details on this, let me know.

PS. Anyone looking to visit the scenic Lost Coast or Redwood Parks/Avenue of the Giants, please consider dropping by. We are located about 4 hours north from the Bay Area and we are more than happy to see visitors. I promise to make it worthwhile for any guest that mentions Berserkers.

Order in, thanks Andrew!

I’m in for the 5 Pinots and a Zin.

Cutting back on BD this year, but always enjoy the Briceland pinots, and happy to restock. Thanks, Andrew!


Order in, and as was the case last year, I can’t limit myself to a single offer, but instead went the custom route. One reason I look forward to BerserkerDay each year is that it gives me the opportunity to try new producers that I might otherwise never have known about, and Briceland is one of the brightest stars in that bunch. Fans of cooler climate California wines would be well served to give them a chance.


Order in, always a pleasure speaking with you.


Order in. Looking forward to speaking with you again, Andrew.

Thanks to Paul, Seth, Mike, Michael & Corey for your ongoing support.

Thanks to all of the other subscribers for pitching in to keep the board going and for giving us a shot!

A couple of people asked about the Ishi Pishi Ranch Humboldt Zin by phone. It is an unusual wine in that it is brighter and some say lighter than any of our PN’s. As a result, it is the first red I pour when we have tastings. It is very full of flavor and aroma and has put on weight in the bottle. It is still one of the lightest CA Zins you’s find.

I look forward to hearing from any of you that are on the fence or those that have not yet had time to deal with all the offers. pileon I can be reached: or 707 923-2429.

Order in for BDX standard. I’m looking forward to trying these. Thanks Andrew.

Order in for The Vineyards!


Sent you an email requesting a Vineyard 6 pack.

mark meyer


I’ve loved my Briceland wines from last BD and have sent a note over to try a few more this year. And along with great wine, I really appreciate the personal and gracious customer service from Andrew!

Not sure how much Andrew has left, but he’s live for everybody else now!

Thanks for doing what you do, Todd!

Yes. I still have wine. I am getting low on the PV. I think I only have enough for a couple more of the BDX Specials.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone…

707 923-2429

Just waiting for the return email to finalize my case!

Order in for BDX and a PV. Got a call from Andrew approximately 17 seconds after emailing. Great chat. Thanks for the personal call, nice to speak to the brains behind the operation!

Ordered last BD and was glad I did. Upped the ante this year

Lee & Alex - I appreciate the orders and the bump.

Adam: Sorry about the delay and thanks for your order as well.

OK - We are down to 1 BDX Special left.

There were only 12 cases of the PV to begin with and what’s left after those 2 bottles are gone is mine.

I hope you got my email order, Andrew, two of those PVs have my name on them!

Hi Chris,

Yes, I have you covered. [cheers.gif]