Breweries to visit in San Diego?

Will be visiting SD for a few days later this month and trying to develop a list of 5-8 breweries to visit. Based on my initial research, likely visit the following breweries, but greatly appreciate any feedback/suggestions from those more familiar with SD brewery scene. I’m Like all types of beer, but would be particularly interested in any with a strong lager program. TIA

  • Societe
  • Pure Project
  • Modern Times
  • Kairoa Brewing
  • Amplified Ale Works

Scott, for a strong Lager program you should visit Eppig, they have locations in Point Loma and North Park, I think you’ll do well there, hit their Point Loma location and then head over to Modern Times Lomaland and your set ! I also would highly recommend you visit Pariah Brewing for their amazing hoppy beers.



Thanks Bud!

Lost abbey
Coronado brewing

Thanks, Julian!

Lost Abbey is very much required!
I hear Modern Time is good but you’ve probably been in Portland.

Not sure I’ll make it up to Lost Abbey as I’ll be right in DT without a car. Not to mention I’ve never really been impressed with their beers, but will likely stop if we otherwise head up that way.

Been to MT in PDX, but worth trying in their hometown, esp as they have 2x the taps of PDX.

I didn’t focus at all on lagers when I was in San Diego in April but I enjoyed some of the kettle sours from Kilowatt in Ocean Beach. Eppig and Pariah in North Park are right next to each other and I thought they were pretty interesting little places. Mike Hess in North Park was also pretty solid. I quite liked the couple of beers I had at Duck Foot in the middle of town too, and Modern Times was definitely worthwhile.

If you like coffee, apparently MT coffee is really good

Ummmmmm… Pizza Port!!! They do many different beer styles, but they especially shine with their IPAs. It would be criminal for you to not visit them when you’re in town.

I had them on my tentative list, but will add them to the must visit list due to your enthusiasm! Thanks.

Enjoy, Scott! The pizzas are good, too.

Great pull Brian, fresh Swami’s is still one of my all time favorite WCIPA’s. And their pizza is pretty damn good too, it’s a really fun hang.



I can confirm this. I buy a lot of MT coffee for our house.


Good to know. I’m always on the lookout for good coffee/espresso as I’ve been spoiled living in the PNW for 13 years.

Pizza port pizza is pretty legit (if a bit pricey for pizza)

+2 (or 3) re: MT coffee being good. If you’re a coffee geek, however, it’s probably more a B- to B than it is an A.