Bretty beer

I am sure there is a thread on this somewhere…

I am looking for some recs on bretty beer.

I am fortunate enough to live in Kalamazoo and visit Bells brewery often. They currently have a beer where they are using brett in the brewing process and it is amazing. They just do not bottle it :frowning:

Does anyone have any sources for bottled brews using brett?

Russian River Supplication is one of my faves. Here is a good article on some others:

Orval is perhaps the classic

Not sure what you can get in MI.

Almanac (SF, CA)
Transmitter (LIC, NY)
Blackberry Farm (TN)

It would also seem there are a ton of MI breweries doing sours, so check your local stores and ask for recommendations.

Didn’t notice the MI location, Jolly Pumpkin makes some brett beers. Bam Biere is one.


And I would assume you could find Tank 7 and at times, Saison Brett, from Boulevard.


Dunno if they have made it to Michigan yet, but also look for crooked stave (CO) and Logsdon (OR).

Tahoe MTN Dark Ages, Brett Stout

Perhaps the best beer I have had.

They did a Goose Island tasting at our Whole Foods last night. They have several.

Boulevard hit Michigan this week. Looking forward to Tank 7

Thank you all for the recs!!!