Breezaire failure

Hi All,
I am interested to know any WBs out there who have had a Breezaire unit that stopped working properly.
Mine is a WKL4000 I have had for 10 years and I believe the issue is the controller (Sentry III) as it has stopped allowing me to adjust settings.
I have rolled the dice and ordered a replacement controller. A small gamble considering replacing the unit will cost almost $2k.
Any feedback would be appreciated.
Stay safe!


yes—Breezaire sucks. That’s my conclusion from personal experience. I’d never own another. Post in Wine Talk and you will get more responses.

Ditto. Unethical company with subpar quality. Wouldn’t piss on them to put out a fire.

If you have to replace it, buy from someone else.

Whisperkool 8000 ti has been good to me in my walk-in.

I gave up on Breezaire and switched to Cellarpro. Much happier.