Bread Knife Recommendations?

Is there any real difference in quality among bread knives or are they all pretty much the same? I’m looking for a bread knife for under $50. Any features I should be looking for?

Feedback appreciated.


Highly Recommended from Cook’s Illustrated from last year:" onclick=";return false;

Thanks Bill. This may do the trick.

Could be a short thread.

Just here to help.

Peter - we have a Global 8 3/4" (G9) serrated bread knife. Nice weight, cuts extremely well. Very happy

$19.50, works like a charm:" onclick=";return false;

Tony – It looks very nice, but do you think it’s necessary to spend that much to get a good bread knife?

We received it as a gift. I had no idea it was that expensive until I looked it up.

I really don’t have any need to cut bread any more, but I still have my Ginsu knife for that! Seriously- it works great. I can’t imagine needing something super expensive for bread. Just something serrated and sharp.

The one I have is a full-tang Chicago cutlery version. The blad is stiff, and the first tooth (on the tip of the blade) is extremely sharp, making this a great knife for heavy-duty cutting (frozen meats, for example). Oh yeah, it’s like a hot knife through butter with thick-crusted breads, too.

The blade must have a slight curve to it along the cutting edge. When you sit it on the table in “cutting position” the tip and the handle should be slightly elevated with the middle of the knife on the table.

This makes a HUGE difference. I didn’t realize it until a friend of mine pointed it out. I grabbed some old bread knives I had and realized that the ones that were curved were sooooo much easier to use than the flat ones.

Bill, thats a great recco.

Strange, a few months back when I happened across my shuns at bargain prices, one option was the serated bread knife. I thought for exactly 4 seconds before I realized the overkill a $90 bread knife would be.

The Victorinox is now in my Amazon basket for next order.


Can you actually afford to take that Ginsu off of the ‘cutting the Pepsi Can in half’ duty?

I’ve been using a Tramontina…a Brazilian brand…actually got a complete set as it is a brand that was recommended to me by a butcher. Very good but I recently purchased an Opinel…dead sexy" onclick=";return false;

Bought the Victorinox – Thanks to all for their help.

Me too. My wife ended up with one years ago. Useless until I tried it on bread.


Thread ressurect:

After trying many bread knives, including a handful of overly expensive jobbies at William-Sonoma this past weekend, I found just the ticket:
Calphalon Contemporary. I found it for $15!!!
Its heavy, well constructed, super sharp, and just about perfect for my needs. My concerns with all the others were many, including too long, not rigid enough, too many serrations, and the feel in the hand.
The Calphalon has perfect feel, large serrations, and good enough on the family table where some of those 10 inch ones worried me as my guests and family members have use of it. it is really the only knife in my arsenal, other than the usual suspects that gets community usage.

Sounds nice Mike and a great price.

So far I’m very happy with my Victorinox, which was also well-priced.

A big plus: it fits in my block!

yeah i agree that bread knife are nice and all the same. you can buy that price through ebay or amazon and there are also free shipping.