Bradley Virgin No More

Finally had weather that was worthy of breaking in the new Bradley smoker. Rubbed 3 racks of baby backs with Tom Douglas’s Pork Love. Allowed them to marinate overnight. Hit them with 5 hours of hickory smoke at 225 degrees. Result was a nice crispy bark with a very moist meat. No sauce need apply. Next time may try misting with apple juice just for a little variation on the flavor.

Get a spray bottle… you wont regret it!!

Looks like nice!!

It was truly a great day for smoking meat. Those look great. I’m going to have to think hard about a Bradley.

And here I thought we were talking about Bradley Kane!!

Nice work! They look fantastic!

Don’t be stupid…Brad’s still a virgin. neener

Bradley Smokers rock! I love mine, and did some killer briskets this past weekend. Pics on my Facebook page! -mJ

I was also ready to pop that special bottle of Champagne.

I guess we save it…

I’ll take it that nobody has popped that bottle at BF3 yet…sorry BK.