BR: I Heart Sonoma by Daedalus Howell

Picked up this book whilst shopping down on 4’th St in lower Berkeley (a very/very good book store…smells like a good book store should) when I was out there.
I Heart Sonoma: How to Live & Drink in Wine Country by DaedalusHowell (yup…that’s his real name)
I admit that I didn’t look much thru it (I was rushed to get to CafeRouge), but noticed it was a collection of his columns & it looked like an easy read. I was assuming it would give some insight into some out-of-the path byways in SonomaCnty.
After I read the first two columns, my immediate reaction was “what a bunch of crap”. Clearly, he was a graduate from the drug-fueled (or…wine-fueled in this case) Hunter S Thompson School of Gonzo Journalism.
But, as I started to read more of it the last few days (don’t ask why), I’ve really grown to like this quirky little book of wine-focused humor. It’s a bit Gonzo and over-the-top, but I’m starting to find it rather amusing and brings a chuckle to me every so often, if not an outright guffaw (Kansas colloquialism for “hearty laughter”). I’m about half way thru it and look forward to finishing it the next few days (it’s an easy read that you can pick up any time). He has some rather amusing turns of phrase in it. It’s about the town (not the County) of Sonoma and fully expect to run into FloridaJim’s name somewhere in it.
Anyway…a recommended read for those familiar w/ Sonoma (the town) and some spare time on your hands.