Bourbon gift suggestion, under $100

I have relatively little knowledge of bourbon but have a good friend who will be celebrating a birthday soon and would likely appreciate a special bottle. I’d like to stick to ~$100 max, if possible. What would folks recommend?

If it helps, the person’s “go to” bourbon is the basic Knob Creek, and they generally don’t spend more than $40-50 on a bottle of alcohol.

Thanks in advance.

I’d look for the Makers Mark Wood Finishing Series. Under $100, and the few I’ve tried have been really solid.

Is the new one out yet, or are they still on FAE-02 from last year?

I think FAE-02 is the most recent I’ve seen. I’ve seen them on the shelf recently I’m pretty sure. It was at Costco in Seattle even (months ago).

Remus repeal

That’s a great suggestion but even at retail it’s over $100. Or at least it was last year.

Four Roses Single Barrel.

Four Roses Small Batch Select

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There’s some on wine searcher for less; I bought some earlier this year.

Old Forrester 1920.

Since you know he likes the brand then Knob creeks 15 year was right at $100.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof would be another fine choice.

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Bookers? Same Mashbill as knob creek (same distillery, rickhouses and cooperage).

The 12 year knob is excellent for $60.

Thanks for the recommendations, all.

A couple of my favorites,

EH Taylor Single Barrel
Belle Meade Sherry Finish (this one is a bit of a floof, non-traditional bourbon, but oh so yummy)

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If he enjoys Knob Creek at 100 proof then I would keep the BiB thing going. EH Taylor is perfect for a nice gift.